Saturday, December 31, 2011

War Eagle Baby Girl

Hi all!
First things first,
I wasn't very good this year but
Santa Daddy got me my 1st iPhone.
I'm actually posting from it now,
Who knew??
Ok, so I knew I wanted the iPhone.
I actually held onto my dinasuraus phone longer than necessary.
It was all in the name of love.
And now that my LOVIE is home,
it was time for mama to get an upgrade.

Talk about perfect timing.
It just so happens that my mini-me
just inherited her 1st apple product.
That means she doesn't touch my phone because she has her own.
And if I touch hers??
Let's just say I get a good scolding!

So now that I have this handy dandy blogger app, you can look forward to more frequent postings.
Yes mom I know, it's about time! ;)

Now onto the real reason for my post.
Check out this sassy little Auburn cheerleader.

When I asked her to let me take her picture I got this.

Uh MOM can't you see I'm texting right now?!

Luckily after a few mommy-monkey-motions I snapped my sweet girl.
She absolutely lights up our home.
And her pink?
Let's just say it's taking over!

Now I'm off to rescue the boys.
They were trying to throw the baseball.
That is until a charming lil' sister lured them into swinging with her instead.

God's blessings on your afternoon
& War Eagle,
One Blessed Tiger Mama :)

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Our Family said...

Love the new kitchen and the beautiful model to go with it!