Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick Update :)

Yesterday we had our appointment at the International Adoption Clinic.
We were a whopping 24lbs and in the 3rd percentile.
(That's ok, Nanny will fix that!)
We bombed our first round of hearing tests,
as we out smarted the system and started responding
before the sound was actually made. :)
We got the compliment of best clinical presentation
of bonding and attachment. :) :)
AND when we had our 10 vials of blood drawn
we refused to pull our sleeve down so that
EVERYONE could see our boo-boo!
Yep, that's my child all right. :) :) :)

Today we're heading back to Birmingham
for another round of hearing tests.
Today's test will be more precise as it will determine
exactly how much auditory brain response she is having.
Please pray for my girl.
She was a trooper yesterday
as she charmed the staff &
won new found admiration in the heart of her mama.

Gotta run before my princess wakes up without me!
God's blessings, Sarah :)


Our Family said...

call if you get a chance....

Leslie Hughes said...

<3! i can't wait to meet this charmer =) praying for your app tomorrow.