Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Day in Jinan

Everyone went site seeing in Jinan on their last full day. 

Pa Bill is never in front of the camera!

The River where everyone gets their drinking water

Sarah and EMH got tired and went back to the van

The site where they found EMH

Mama and daughter where she was found

Daddy, Mama, and daughter

Celebration kisses

Emily Margaret helped James with his homework.. how stinking cute is this?!?

I know everyone is hoping that their next stop is more tourist friendly. :) Sarah is so thankful to have her in her arms and would like for everyone to keep the prayers coming! I know they are a little worried about EMH's first flight, so keep them in your thoughts! :)

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Kate said...


Your daughter is so sweet...and I have had the best time reading over your China Posts. We just got back Thanksgiving Day with our Jillian (perhaps we crossed in the sky???). I know this is crazy...but is your mom named Janet??? Someone left me the nicest post when we were in China and I was unable to respond by e-mail...and when I happened across your all started to sound familiar as she mentioned you all were leaving T-Day. I will be cheering you on from the other side of the world. Dig deep...keep the faith...and know that you CAN do it. It is an exhausting trip...we are home just over a week and finally starting to hit our stride again. But it IS so worth it. Best of luck!!

Kate (