Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sparkly Ears

Written January 9th...
Good morning all,
I've got a sleepy, cranky girl on my hands so I'll make it brief.
Yesterday we made our way to Oz.
As we drove down that yellow brick road that is I65,
Nana & I contemplated what we should call Emily Margaret's new found hearing.
Then this morning,
it came to me.
Emily Margaret's ears are perfect just the way they are.
Any hearing we gain is merely expanding her God given ability.
So I've decided we'll refer to her hearing aides as Sparkly Ears!
Dorothy had red ruby slippers & baby girl's going to have pink glitter Sparkly Ears.

Our newest accessory will be ready the 31st. :)

Added today...
In the mean time we're still working hard.
Emily Margaret's made the connection between sound & responding.
We can thank our hard woods floors and our handy dandy foot stomping for that.
Two quick stomps is the equivalent of me calling out "Emily Margaret, come to mama."
It's a bit barbaric, but it works!

Our sweet girl can easily say Mama & Bubby.
We do lots of mama-ma-ma babbling and that seriously cute animated chattering she does without making a sound.
What can I say??
She's adorable!
(Which comes in handy when she sucks up the dog's water in my Dyson.)

Since today's update was all about hearing, I leave you with a video.
I think you'll see that although our Dorothy awaits her sparkly ears, her big brother isn't in need of a heart.

Enjoy & God's blessings!
Sarah (The Good Witch)

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Leslie Hughes said...

That video is amazingly sweet=) and the term "Sparkly Ears" is SO you. lol