Saturday, December 31, 2011

War Eagle Baby Girl

Hi all!
First things first,
I wasn't very good this year but
Santa Daddy got me my 1st iPhone.
I'm actually posting from it now,
Who knew??
Ok, so I knew I wanted the iPhone.
I actually held onto my dinasuraus phone longer than necessary.
It was all in the name of love.
And now that my LOVIE is home,
it was time for mama to get an upgrade.

Talk about perfect timing.
It just so happens that my mini-me
just inherited her 1st apple product.
That means she doesn't touch my phone because she has her own.
And if I touch hers??
Let's just say I get a good scolding!

So now that I have this handy dandy blogger app, you can look forward to more frequent postings.
Yes mom I know, it's about time! ;)

Now onto the real reason for my post.
Check out this sassy little Auburn cheerleader.

When I asked her to let me take her picture I got this.

Uh MOM can't you see I'm texting right now?!

Luckily after a few mommy-monkey-motions I snapped my sweet girl.
She absolutely lights up our home.
And her pink?
Let's just say it's taking over!

Now I'm off to rescue the boys.
They were trying to throw the baseball.
That is until a charming lil' sister lured them into swinging with her instead.

God's blessings on your afternoon
& War Eagle,
One Blessed Tiger Mama :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Emily Margaret in 2 Pics

If I were to pick two recent pics to sum up this precious wild child of mine, these are the two. :)
We absolutely adore this girl!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick Update :)

Yesterday we had our appointment at the International Adoption Clinic.
We were a whopping 24lbs and in the 3rd percentile.
(That's ok, Nanny will fix that!)
We bombed our first round of hearing tests,
as we out smarted the system and started responding
before the sound was actually made. :)
We got the compliment of best clinical presentation
of bonding and attachment. :) :)
AND when we had our 10 vials of blood drawn
we refused to pull our sleeve down so that
EVERYONE could see our boo-boo!
Yep, that's my child all right. :) :) :)

Today we're heading back to Birmingham
for another round of hearing tests.
Today's test will be more precise as it will determine
exactly how much auditory brain response she is having.
Please pray for my girl.
She was a trooper yesterday
as she charmed the staff &
won new found admiration in the heart of her mama.

Gotta run before my princess wakes up without me!
God's blessings, Sarah :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

No Place Like Home

Good morning all!
I'm still sporting my jammy tales
as we enjoy this lazy Saturday.
While the boys continue to play catch up
with their homework assignments
and baby sister helps them,
I'm sneaking away for a quick blog update.

First off I gotta say,
Dorothy got it right when she said
"There's NO place like HOME!"
This first week home has been b-u-s-y,
but nothing the comforts of home can't soothe.

Emily Margaret loves it here.
She knows our routine
and thrives on it.
She doesn't even cry when we
take her "bubbies" to school anymore. :)

We're still figuring out the nap thing.
But more importantly we got the
sleeping all night under control,
She even slept late with me this morning.
We'd wake up, snuggle and go back to sleep...

Today she's already learned to
give eskimo kisses.
She's rough as a cob but loving as an angel!

We had our first home study
follow up on Thursday.
Stella said Emily Margaret's doing great.
I think the biggest help is all the
sign language we've been teaching her.
There's something to be said for effective communication.

We're using the Signing Times videos
thanks to the recommendation of a friend.
We have episodes 1 and 4
and we watch them A LOT! :)
If I had a life savings,
I'd gladly trade it for the remaining
DVD's, flashcards & books.
Yes, they're making that much of a difference. :D

I'm off to see what my munchkin is up to.
I promise to be back soon with
lots of pics & details.
If I owe you a phone call or email
please be patient with me.
My little diva requires mommy's undivided attention. ;)

One last thing.
Thank you for all your prayers.
They have been heard and answered.
Our heavenly Father has been raining down
the most abundant grace imaginable.
We sing His praises daily!

God's blessings loved ones,
The Hinson Family of Five!!! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Update!

Hello All! I got to iChat with Sarah this morning-- they were getting ready to go to bed. They had their visit at the consulate and took their oath and EMH is officially a Hinson and a US citizen-- once she touches down on US soil. 

They took her to the zoo afterwards and she loved it. Sarah said she is mischievous but extremely loving. She had her physical and they pronounced her with perfect hearing... Sarah informed me that their hearing test involved squeaking a rubber duckie by her ear. So scientific! ;) Andy says she can't hear a lick... Sarah seems to think that it's some hearing loss as well as selective hearing. :) She is totally paying for calling my girls DIVAS! 

They've been to the circus and played in the park. EMH is very active and apparently quite the busy body!
They went on a river boat cruise last night. Joseph had his first run in a cougar. ;) Sarah said that the locals are a little on the rude side and are quick to tell you if they think EMH doesn't have on enough layers or if they are feeding her things that they don't deem "acceptable". They told Sarah and Andy that they were going to make EMH fat and implied that they wouldn't get to keep her if she did! Sounds like an interesting time, for sure. 

I don't have any pictures... I think things have been a little crazy for them. They leave for Hong Kong tomorrow, spend the night there and then they get to come home!! YAY! They will be home Friday evening. I'm not sure when she will have time to post an update-- James' birthday is Saturday. 

Also, for those of you who don't know, Andy's dad passed away yesterday morning. He has battled cancer for years and been in and out of the hospital. I am not sure of all of the details, but I do know he was in the hospital when he died early Tuesday morning. Andy does know and his sister Christine has flown in from Hawaii to help his mom out. They are cremating him and his memorial service is Sunday afternoon. 

If you would, say a prayer for Andy and his family. They could also use some happy traveling vibes.. I feel certain a 14 hour flight with an active toddler is going to be quite the adventure! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Airport Experience

I received an e-mail from Sarah that was this post, complete with captions! Enjoy! 

Hello. My name is Emily Margaret. I'm from a small province of about 3.5 million people. 

Today is my first flight. Mama made sure to layer me up, so as not to ruffle the locals. They are quite opinionated. Mama always gets stopped on the street. At lunch, the waitress even told Mama I looked kinda Chinese. Umm. yeah, ya think?!?! Anyway, laundry was running scarce so Mama did the best she could. :)

While my people were acting dignified, Mama and I had a little airport picnic. 

I'm SO glad GiGi got me this handy dandy cup/snack bowl. 

And Nana keeps me full of REAL goldfish crackers. See, I LOVE goldfishes. :)

And yes, just to keep Mama on her toes we multi-tasked. We snacked, played toys, and learned a few new signs. After all that fun, I was ready for a nice long nap on the plane. Hooray for family fun!!! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Day in Jinan

Everyone went site seeing in Jinan on their last full day. 

Pa Bill is never in front of the camera!

The River where everyone gets their drinking water

Sarah and EMH got tired and went back to the van

The site where they found EMH

Mama and daughter where she was found

Daddy, Mama, and daughter

Celebration kisses

Emily Margaret helped James with his homework.. how stinking cute is this?!?

I know everyone is hoping that their next stop is more tourist friendly. :) Sarah is so thankful to have her in her arms and would like for everyone to keep the prayers coming! I know they are a little worried about EMH's first flight, so keep them in your thoughts! :)

Lazy day at the pool

Hi all! Rachel again.. sorry I've been a slacker with the updates, my life got a little crazy with decorating for Christmas, kids, running a business and all that. As I sat down to write this post, Sarah sent me some more pictures! Geez.. ;)

They spent the day swimming in the hotel pool. Mom said it's like a third world country once they get outside of the hotel and aren't venturing out too much. They leave for Guangzhou tomorrow. It's been snowing in Jinan too and supposed to be in the 60's in Guangzhou, so I know they are ready to get to warmer temperatures! 
EMH during nap time
 The boys had to wear swim caps, per hotel rules.. They are stylin'! 

How sweet is this picture?!?

Umm.. Hinson face, footie pajamas, purse on her arm, hand in some chips. 
She is behind developmentally, but seems to be picking things up very quickly. I think she is giving Sarah a run for her money and I think Sarah is ready to take back calling my girls divas. :)