Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bitty Update

Hi friends!
Here with a quick Memily update.
Today was our monthly Breastfeeding Support Group Meeting.
As always the group was led by the Mama-Emily Margaret combo.
Memily LOVES playing with all her friends.
The mothering she learns is irreplaceable.
She's so nurturing to Bitty after group.
And speaking of Bitty,
here's Bitty Baby and Bitty Mama now checking in on their weight.
Bitty Mama's over 24lbs, HOLLA!!!

Way to go Bitty Baby, 1lbs 3oz and no crying on the scales.

Such good girls!

Now we're off for a quick nap before picking up the boys from school and baseball tonight.
Those boys keep us Bitty girls B-U-S-Y! ;)
God's blessings and love,
Mama, Emily Margaret & Bitty