Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween BOO-tiful!

Hi sweet friends,
it's that Hinson mama stopping by for a quick update.
I know, I know,
it's long overdue! :)

It'd take me an hour to give you the full 411,
so I'll just settle for what's on my mind today...

Last year Halloween found me at the lowest of lows,
so this year we celebrated the highest of highs!
Freddy Krueger had nothing on the shreds
my poor heart had been ripped to when I dressed
Emily Margaret's bunny in her ladybug costume.

So let's all squeal with delight at this year's BOO-tiful sight.


Since we can't say Trick-or-Treat (yet)
Emily Margaret would say "BOO".
And when our guests would leave
she'd wave and say "Bye-Bye". :)

She's taken after her "Bubba" James
when it comes to loving her some candy.
He was so sweet to be Little Ride Riding Hood's
very own Big Bad Wolf. <3 nbsp="nbsp">
We're talking hide your stash
'cause girlfriend's coming for it!

HOORAY for Emily Margaret Hinson 
who's sweeter than candy!!!
And PRAISES to God for the blessing 
she is to our home...
even when I rehang the living room curtains 
and she walks into the room 
signing that they're "ugly".
Yes Mems your mama loves you, sass and all!!!

God's blessings on your day
and thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hi all,
Happy Mother's Day to you!!!
This morning was fabulous,
I slept late and woke up to the smell of Andy cooking. The sound of the kids running & giggling. And the sight of beautifully wrapped gifts in my chair. Because you know I love a good prize!
As I made my way to my morning cup of coffee I thought about how this year was different from last. It's no secret that this Mother's Day finds me (more) tired. Because honestly, Jillian Micheals ain't got nothing on chasing Emily Margaret Hinson all day! Despite what sometimes feels like I'm bordering on exhaustion I wouldn't trade this family of five for any day spent quietly alone.
As the morning progressed my thoughts got a little deeper. While Andy asked the blessing I quietly lifted up a special Mother's Day prayer for Emily Margaret's birth mother. And I must admit, the tears of thanksgiving began to flow. While I will never meet her in person, I see her beauty in Emily Margaret. Thick beautiful dark hair. Big eyes that shine with joy when she smiles and give her away when she's up to no good. The tiniest little frame I've ever seen. A mind that amazes me with it's brilliance and moves that are the very definition of Lickety Split.
While I see myself in my beautiful baby girl's personality, there are traces of a wonderful woman that will never fade. A woman who made the ultimate sacrifice. A sacrifice I am certainly too weak to have made but because of which I am forever blessed.
Because of one strong woman, my family of five is complete. My bank account might be drained but my heart is overflowing. And although my legs are tired at night, my arms are filled with the warmest of snuggles.
So yes I'd say this Mother's Day is very different from the last. Tears of aching for my daughter to come home have been replaced by tears of thanksgiving.
The best part of all is the author of this story. When I sit in awe of how the past two years unfolded yet were so magically woven together, I see God glorified. Only a God so powerful, perfect and loving could author this story. My story. Better still, OUR story.
Today I say a prayer for mothers everywhere. The ones who wipe noses and hineys. Kiss boo-boos and heads. And yes, even the ones who teach their children to drive, and when it's time allow them to pull off without them. I pray for the mothers who have been promoted, grandmothers. Grandmothers so loving swoop in to fill in the rough places we mothers sometimes miss. They keep us mothers encouraged as they walk along side us raising our children. Even still I ask a special prayer for birth mothers who have given a piece of themselves. I pray for us adoptive moms as we protect and nourish the seed that has been in trusted to us. And again I thank God for using all these things together to make me the mother I am today. :)
God's blessings on your Mother's Day loved ones!
Sarah :)