Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I800A Approval Notice!!!

Hi all,
it's Emily Margaret's mama.

I'm sitting in the floor amongst a sea of papers.
Why you ask??
Because I'm assembling our dossier,

what was suppose to be my day to wrap up our taxes
turned into an Emily Margaret day. 
Hooray for Emily Margaret days!!!

And the coolest part?
We needed $1,254 to send in for dossier fees.
When I checked our adoption account balance 
we had exactly $1,141.46.
If you heard a SqUeAL, it was ME!
GOD provided us with what we need for fees.
Now all we have to worry about 
is our third agency payment,
then this dossier is off to China.
I'm praising GOD for all HE has and will
continue to do to bring Emily Margaret home!!!

Keep praying for our girl, friends. 
I'm determined to hold my baby
sooner rather than later!

GOD's blessings,
Sarah :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Waiting... Is Hard To Do

Dear Emily Margaret,
How's my girl?
Are you happy to see that Spring's on it's way?
I'll bet you can't help but smile when 
you see the sun shining through the windows!
When you get home we'll spend hours playing outside,
soaking up that sun together.

Right now we're making our annual transition.
When we're jolted from cozy winter days to kick off,
Yes mam, 
not only will you know the love of football 
you'll enjoy the thrills of baseball too.
Brother James is working hard this year.
You'll love watching him play! 
Now don't worry about what you'll wear.
Ms. Allison already sent you a baseball hairbow &
Ms. Jennifer's determined to teach me how to sew cute pants.
You'll be well entertained AND well dressed. :) 

I've got to be honest with you baby girl,
sometimes I think I can patiently wait until 
November to bring you home.
Then other times I want to jump on a plane 
and scoop you up. 
There's just so much we want to protect you from.
Not to mention the things we want to share with you!

I'm still working on your Emily Margaret book.
It's the girl-iest book I've ever seen. 
There's more pink, glitter, sass
and bling than is legal.
Yep, you're gonna love it! 
It's Mama's way of bonding while we're apart.

Well it's your bedtime, 
so I'll let you run.
Daddy's sick so I need to check on him.
Be good baby girl.
Play sweet with your friends.
Obey your teachers.
And when you see the sun peeking through
the windows, think of your mama coming to get you!

Sending prayers, hugs & kisses your way.
God's doing His thang baby girl.
Oh how sweet He is!

I love you more than a hog loves slop,
and that's a lot of love,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Biometrics Fingerprints

Good morning all!
I'm here with a quick recap.
Thursday Andy & I made our trip to Birmingham,
where we got our biometrics fingerprinting done.

Now I gotta tell ya,
if Disney is the happiest place on earth
then the USCIS office is the most miserable.
It was so bad that when Andy & I got to the car
we looked at each other and said
"Was it just me or were those people mean??"
We were the only two customers in the building
and you'd thought they were slammed busy.
I focused on the knowledge that we were doing 
God's work, and continued to smile and share our story.
I must say that by the time I was finished  
with the officer working the desk
he'd turned from the grinch into a grinning fool. :)

Regardless of the details the outcome was
exactly what Emily Margaret needed,
her parents biometrics fingerprinting is done.

As far as I know,
this is the last step in the process.
Next we wait for immigration clearance.
Once we've received clearance then our dossier 
will be completed and ready to go to China.

Please keep praying for our sweet baby girl.
Everyday she is woven tighter into our family tapestry. 
We're looking forward to wrapping her up 
in the love of HER forever family!

God's blessings,