Saturday, December 17, 2011

No Place Like Home

Good morning all!
I'm still sporting my jammy tales
as we enjoy this lazy Saturday.
While the boys continue to play catch up
with their homework assignments
and baby sister helps them,
I'm sneaking away for a quick blog update.

First off I gotta say,
Dorothy got it right when she said
"There's NO place like HOME!"
This first week home has been b-u-s-y,
but nothing the comforts of home can't soothe.

Emily Margaret loves it here.
She knows our routine
and thrives on it.
She doesn't even cry when we
take her "bubbies" to school anymore. :)

We're still figuring out the nap thing.
But more importantly we got the
sleeping all night under control,
She even slept late with me this morning.
We'd wake up, snuggle and go back to sleep...

Today she's already learned to
give eskimo kisses.
She's rough as a cob but loving as an angel!

We had our first home study
follow up on Thursday.
Stella said Emily Margaret's doing great.
I think the biggest help is all the
sign language we've been teaching her.
There's something to be said for effective communication.

We're using the Signing Times videos
thanks to the recommendation of a friend.
We have episodes 1 and 4
and we watch them A LOT! :)
If I had a life savings,
I'd gladly trade it for the remaining
DVD's, flashcards & books.
Yes, they're making that much of a difference. :D

I'm off to see what my munchkin is up to.
I promise to be back soon with
lots of pics & details.
If I owe you a phone call or email
please be patient with me.
My little diva requires mommy's undivided attention. ;)

One last thing.
Thank you for all your prayers.
They have been heard and answered.
Our heavenly Father has been raining down
the most abundant grace imaginable.
We sing His praises daily!

God's blessings loved ones,
The Hinson Family of Five!!! :)


Our Family said...

God's blessings!

Anonymous said...

So HAPPY she is HOME!

:) Wife of the Prez from NHBO.