Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Quick Update

Hi all! It's Rachel again...

I finally heard from Mom last night. She said they ended up crashing all day. I begged for some more pictures for you guys. 

She said EMH's first night went awesome! She slept in between Sarah and Andy and went to bed with zero problems! She loved her bubble bath too. 
They have officially signed the adoption paperwork and she is officially a member of the Hinson family! The next few pictures are of them doing all that. 

Doing her handprints

getting on some princess make-up

signing the final paperwork! 
Mom says she is ready to come home. The culture is very different! The only offer chopsticks as eating utensils and they don't give you napkins in restaurants-- you have to pay extra for those, which are really just kleenex if you can get them. She also says that Diet Pepsi is very hard to find. She has also been washing clothes by hand in the bathrub- crazy! 

The boys went out with the tour guide while the girls stayed around the room yesterday. 

She said that EMH is slowly warming up to the rest of the group and will almost let Sarah get out of her sight. She seems to have some hearing in right ear. She had been mouthing the word "Mama" to Sarah and in the e-mail from Mom last night she said she actually said the word!!! 

Mom also said she just wants to cuddle her up but EMH gives her the silent scream face-- which Mom said was losing it's effectiveness on her. ;)

All-in-all, I think they are having a good time and spending lots of quality time with the family. I'm ready for them to get home! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Day is FINALLY here!!

Rach here again! I am happy to announce that EMH is with her family and doing great!! 

Mom said she is super sweet but the guy that brought her to them said that "She could be a little naughty". I think she'll fit right in! :)
They said she loves to climb and appears to just be extremely interested in everything that is going on. She started the cry when the guy left, but they brought out the goldfish crackers and Twizzlers and she was all good. (She is TOTALLY a Hinson, right?!?) 

She is playing with the boys and is bonding with Sarah already-- sitting in her lap as they play. She loves her hair bows, too! At one point, she had 4 on at once. 

Mom said she does appear to have some hearing loss, but CAN hear. She hasn't spoken yet, but is full of giggles and smiles. 

First jammies! 

James was blowing bubbles at her and she loved it. 

I am hoping to have some more updates and a LOT more pictures soon! 

Thanks again, everyone! I know the Hinson's now feel complete with their family of 5! 

We made it to China!

Hi All!! Sarah's sister, Rachel here! Just wanted to give you some updates on how the Hinson's are doing.

They made it to China.. great but exhausting flights! Sarah sums it up best by saying, the gal who bathes twice a day, went TWO days with NO bath and they slept in chairs in the Beijing airport. 
They did get up and do a little sight seeing on Sunday.

By the time I am posting this, they DO have Emily Margaret! I am posting some pics of that next!
Sarah would like to thank everyone once again for their support and prayers and e-mails. I know it really means a lot that so many people care about her FINALLY getting her sweet baby girl! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Dear loved ones,
I'm writing this in advance
because there a just a few words
I need to share.

You'll be reading this on Thanksgiving Day.
So I'll format this post to share how I'm thankful. :)

First off I thank GOD the Father
for all He's done for me.
But above all else I thank
Him for sending His Son,
Jesus Christ.
Because of Jesus,
my sins are forgiven.
I can skip through this life
loving & laughing
as I follow God's calling.
I find peace in knowing that
I don't have to be perfect.
God's grace was and is enough.
And for that, I am thankful.

I give thanks today for
all who have joined me on this journey.
Your prayers, kind words,
donations in every form, love & support
were always sent by God
at exactly the right time.
And for that, I am thankful.

For my family
and yes, I mean
I am thankful.
You've helped shape me
into the woman I am,
the woman God's created me to be.
I wish I could list each of you by name
{but then I'd be flying to China without packing my panties.}
So, you know who you are
and for you, I am thankful. <3

To each of you reading this post.
I can't tell you how much your
prayers and emails of love will mean to us.
My heart is full,
and for that I am thankful.

Now go,
eat your turkey and dressing.
Sing our special turkey song
and gives thanks to God the Father.
Because God is good my friends,

See ya soon!!!
God's blessings, Sarah :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Attention, attention...
in less than 24hours
Emily Margaret's 6 turkeys
will be on their way to China.
One word for ya,
Gobble, gobble!
(Wait, maybe that's two??)
Well regardless,
in celebration of our Thanksgiving trip
I leave you with a song.

To the tune of Thanksgiving Day...
"A family boarded a 777
as they sang this happy tune,
Thanksgiving Day is coming
gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble
and we'll meet Emily Margaret soooooon.
Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble,
gobble, gobble, gobble
we can't wait to fly away.
Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble,
gobble, gobble, gobble
it's almost our Gotcha Day!!!"

Big smiles!!!!
GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One Happy Turkey Mama :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time there was a mom.
And way across the ocean blue there was a daughter.

The mom knew all about the little girl.
She loved her,
caressed her cheeks in photos
and prayed for her daily.

The daughter lived her life unaware.
She played,
grew bigger and stronger
and soaked up everyday joys.

The time has finally come for one dynamic
mother/daughter duo to come together at last.
The mother worries about silly things like
going days on a plane with NO bath... gasp.
And the daughter,
she continues to on, same as usual.

I can't help but giggle every time I catch
myself panicking about insignificant things.
But the big things?
Nah why worry too long about those,
because they always fall right into place. :)

It's sinking in that God's got these two Hinson girls
right in the palm of His mighty hand.
So really there isn't any reason at all for them to worry
their pretty little heads.
Nope, not even for one minute.
God's providing all the grace they need!

Emily Margaret, mama loves you.
James' is X'ing off days until the final leg
of our journey begins.
Joseph is coming to grips with the fact that his
REAL boss is about to clock in.
Daddy taunts me by saying he's gonna be your favorite.
And then there's a whole slew of family and friends
that are lifting us up in prayer.

Baby girl, we got this.
It's gonna be rocky.
I'm bound to stink...
you're bound to cry.

But the God who authored this story
is about to finish knitting our lives together.
And when we look back years from now
we'll realize we got through the hard part,

God's blessings sweet prayer warriors,
The Hinson (Soon To Be) FIVE :D

Saturday, November 19, 2011

This Face

This face,
is the face of a mother.
In it you will see tender lines.
Mostly from smiles but
a few from worries untold.

This face,
is the face of a child of God.
The love sent down from heaven
have lit up this face too many times to number.

This face,
is the face of a woman.
A woman who has worked
hours on end in preparation
for her new arrival.
A woman surrounded by family
and friends who kept her going this week.

This face,
is the face of things to come.
In the upcoming weeks this face
will see sorrow and joy.
Pain and peace.

This face,
is the face of a newly adoptive mother.
A face that just can't wait
to be pictured with this gorgeous face!

I wanted to take a moment to say,
we're running like crazy people
and singing GOD'S praises all the way.
Thanks for all your sweet words & prayers.
Please continue to pray for Emily Margaret.
That the sorrow she feels over the loss of the life she knows,
will quickly be soothed by the love of her family.
This has been a long time coming,
and I'm glad to see we're getting to the good part. :)

God's blessings, Emily Margaret's Mama <3

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Praising HIS Name

We just got our confirmed consulate appointment!
Gotcha day planned for Sunday November, 27th!!!
Praise be to the God and author of this beautiful story.
I'm going to get my daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God's blessings & Love,
The Happiest Mama in the World :D

Monday, November 14, 2011

Two Letters for Ya!

Hi all,
I'm here to share just two little (but very important) letters with you.
Are you ready??
That's right sweet friends,
that'd be the two letters that equal Travel Approval.

Please join me in prayer for a supernatural moving
that will allow us to travel Thanksgiving weekend.
I'll be back as soon as I know more!
God's blessings, Sarah :)