Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Emily Margaret's 1st Beach Trip {kinda}

Hi all it's me,
Emily Margaret's mama 
coming to you live from the beach.
This is Emily Margaret's 1st beach vacation...
well, it was supposed to be. 

You see last summer I was certain would be
our last without packing floaties and hairbows. 
I just knew that Emily Margaret would be here with us.
I even bought our baby girl a yellow ruffled bathing suit. 
Needless to say, our sweet girl didn't
 make it home in time for this year's trip.

So what's a mom to do?
Throw a fit and
refuse to vacation until Emily Margaret joined us,
OR continue living and honor her too??
After some mental pouting,
I decided I had to do what was right for the boys.

Just like having her birthday party without her,
I knew I had to keep moving forward.
It wasn't the present time that made me the saddest,
but the days to come when we looked back.
My mama's heart broke 
as I thought of the Hinson five 
looking back on years of vacation photos.
We'd flip through all the fun memories
and finally stumble upon 2011.
She'd see photos of Joseph flexing 
and James bungee jumping.
We'd laugh and recall the fun.
Then it would happen.
She'd say "Mama, why wasn't I in those photos?"
I'd dance as fast as humanly possible 
explaining that we were waiting to bring her home.
Oh I'd tell her how our vacation was incomplete,
but there'd be nothing tangible to prove it.

That's when I remembered my mini-me,
Emma Grace Speakman & her dear friend Kit.
Kit is Emma's American Girl doll.
You'll often see them together at the ballpark.
Unless of course Emma decides to play red rover
and Kit has to stay behind.

So as I was packing for our trip,
I thought back on a recent conversation where Jennifer
& I laughed about her being a grown woman 
and carrying around a baby doll in her purse.
We couldn't help but imagine the 
crazy looks she earned.
Ultimately we decided that if they knew the 
Emma/Kit bond, then they would understand.

And that was it.
Exactly the piece I needed to 
link Emily Margaret's wait time
 together with our everyday life. 
So with all the background info behind us,
look who joined us for her first 
beach trip after all!!!
Emily Margaret,
this morning you took your first bike ride.
While the boys road through the sprinklers,

 we stayed back & snapped pics.

You'll come to find that us Hinson girls 
can hang with those boys.
We just do it in style
by adding a splash of pink & a dab of lip gloss!
And don't you worry,
once you're really here
there's a purple bike with ribbons and bows
just waiting for you at Werner's. 
Oh yeah baby girl
even Daddy agrees,
we've got some lost time to make up for!
 (Daddy & the Princess
at the Hangout's Pirates & Princesses breakfast.)

Pre-Approval Dec. 10th, 2010
James' Birthday
Log-In-Date May 23rd, 2011
Mama's Birthday
Keep those prayers going up,
Daddy's birthday is on July 8th
and we sure are ready for our Letter of Approval!

God's blessings & love,
Emily Margaret's Beach Bum Mama ;)