Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lazy day at the pool

Hi all! Rachel again.. sorry I've been a slacker with the updates, my life got a little crazy with decorating for Christmas, kids, running a business and all that. As I sat down to write this post, Sarah sent me some more pictures! Geez.. ;)

They spent the day swimming in the hotel pool. Mom said it's like a third world country once they get outside of the hotel and aren't venturing out too much. They leave for Guangzhou tomorrow. It's been snowing in Jinan too and supposed to be in the 60's in Guangzhou, so I know they are ready to get to warmer temperatures! 
EMH during nap time
 The boys had to wear swim caps, per hotel rules.. They are stylin'! 

How sweet is this picture?!?

Umm.. Hinson face, footie pajamas, purse on her arm, hand in some chips. 
She is behind developmentally, but seems to be picking things up very quickly. I think she is giving Sarah a run for her money and I think Sarah is ready to take back calling my girls divas. :)

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