Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Update!

Hello All! I got to iChat with Sarah this morning-- they were getting ready to go to bed. They had their visit at the consulate and took their oath and EMH is officially a Hinson and a US citizen-- once she touches down on US soil. 

They took her to the zoo afterwards and she loved it. Sarah said she is mischievous but extremely loving. She had her physical and they pronounced her with perfect hearing... Sarah informed me that their hearing test involved squeaking a rubber duckie by her ear. So scientific! ;) Andy says she can't hear a lick... Sarah seems to think that it's some hearing loss as well as selective hearing. :) She is totally paying for calling my girls DIVAS! 

They've been to the circus and played in the park. EMH is very active and apparently quite the busy body!
They went on a river boat cruise last night. Joseph had his first run in a cougar. ;) Sarah said that the locals are a little on the rude side and are quick to tell you if they think EMH doesn't have on enough layers or if they are feeding her things that they don't deem "acceptable". They told Sarah and Andy that they were going to make EMH fat and implied that they wouldn't get to keep her if she did! Sounds like an interesting time, for sure. 

I don't have any pictures... I think things have been a little crazy for them. They leave for Hong Kong tomorrow, spend the night there and then they get to come home!! YAY! They will be home Friday evening. I'm not sure when she will have time to post an update-- James' birthday is Saturday. 

Also, for those of you who don't know, Andy's dad passed away yesterday morning. He has battled cancer for years and been in and out of the hospital. I am not sure of all of the details, but I do know he was in the hospital when he died early Tuesday morning. Andy does know and his sister Christine has flown in from Hawaii to help his mom out. They are cremating him and his memorial service is Sunday afternoon. 

If you would, say a prayer for Andy and his family. They could also use some happy traveling vibes.. I feel certain a 14 hour flight with an active toddler is going to be quite the adventure! 

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