Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween BOO-tiful!

Hi sweet friends,
it's that Hinson mama stopping by for a quick update.
I know, I know,
it's long overdue! :)

It'd take me an hour to give you the full 411,
so I'll just settle for what's on my mind today...

Last year Halloween found me at the lowest of lows,
so this year we celebrated the highest of highs!
Freddy Krueger had nothing on the shreds
my poor heart had been ripped to when I dressed
Emily Margaret's bunny in her ladybug costume.

So let's all squeal with delight at this year's BOO-tiful sight.


Since we can't say Trick-or-Treat (yet)
Emily Margaret would say "BOO".
And when our guests would leave
she'd wave and say "Bye-Bye". :)

She's taken after her "Bubba" James
when it comes to loving her some candy.
He was so sweet to be Little Ride Riding Hood's
very own Big Bad Wolf. <3 nbsp="nbsp">
We're talking hide your stash
'cause girlfriend's coming for it!

HOORAY for Emily Margaret Hinson 
who's sweeter than candy!!!
And PRAISES to God for the blessing 
she is to our home...
even when I rehang the living room curtains 
and she walks into the room 
signing that they're "ugly".
Yes Mems your mama loves you, sass and all!!!

God's blessings on your day
and thanks for stopping by!