Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Quick Update

Hi all! It's Rachel again...

I finally heard from Mom last night. She said they ended up crashing all day. I begged for some more pictures for you guys. 

She said EMH's first night went awesome! She slept in between Sarah and Andy and went to bed with zero problems! She loved her bubble bath too. 
They have officially signed the adoption paperwork and she is officially a member of the Hinson family! The next few pictures are of them doing all that. 

Doing her handprints

getting on some princess make-up

signing the final paperwork! 
Mom says she is ready to come home. The culture is very different! The only offer chopsticks as eating utensils and they don't give you napkins in restaurants-- you have to pay extra for those, which are really just kleenex if you can get them. She also says that Diet Pepsi is very hard to find. She has also been washing clothes by hand in the bathrub- crazy! 

The boys went out with the tour guide while the girls stayed around the room yesterday. 

She said that EMH is slowly warming up to the rest of the group and will almost let Sarah get out of her sight. She seems to have some hearing in right ear. She had been mouthing the word "Mama" to Sarah and in the e-mail from Mom last night she said she actually said the word!!! 

Mom also said she just wants to cuddle her up but EMH gives her the silent scream face-- which Mom said was losing it's effectiveness on her. ;)

All-in-all, I think they are having a good time and spending lots of quality time with the family. I'm ready for them to get home! 


Our Family said...

Absolutely loving the updates! Thank you!

Kala said...

Love hearing all the updates. So very happy that everything is going well and she's adjusting to her new family. ACan't wait to see her in person.

Leslie Hughes said...

"Big Brothers are Awesome"! That made my day! lol
These pictures are wonderful! Having someone say to you "We're happy. She's doing well!" is so different than seeing them all together.
The putting on makeup picture really warms my heart.

Holli said...

I have loved watching your story unfold...

Much love and prayers

Stephanie Wright said...

GOD is good!!! Thanks for the updates & to Rachel for putting them on here for us. It looks like she's making an easy transition. When are you planning on coming back, now that everything's finalized?