Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas Emily Margaret!

Good morning all!
This post was written a week ago today.
I had some technical difficulties posting pics
so I'm just now sharing it with you. :)

It's Christmas Eve,
when all the magic and wonder begins.
In final preparations yesterday,
I mailed Emily Margaret's first care package.

Now in case you've never sent
a care package before, let me just tell you
it's much more complex than appears.
You get the clothes... will they fit?
You wash everything... after purchasing special detergent.
You tell the boys to pose with Emily Margaret's package...
they see you're emotional so they willing participate.

You pack the box... and it takes you two hours?!

You enclose a card... her first card must be special.

You write a letter... what does one say to the
caregivers of your precious child??
You venture to the post office... address and package in hand.
You tell her story... because this adoption is all about sharing God's love.
And while no one is looking,
you smooth down all the tape on the box.
You look at the package on the scales,
and imagine your heart being shipped off.
While the clothes and toys are nice,
the package you sent was really to share the love of a family.

Emily Margaret,
I'm really having a hard time this year.
Seeing your sweet face has caused my arms to ache.
The emotions have been overwhelming.
But I won't allow the sadness to linger this Christmas.
We have a Baby JESUS to celebrate! 
So let's recount all that God has done.
1. Our family has been matched with you by China.
2. You will spend your last Christmas in an orphanage.
3. We'll enjoy sharing the tiny moments like care packages 
and pictures until we finally meet.
4. Last, but certainly not least,
God has sent His Son Jesus Christ to wash away our sins.

Join me today in celebrating all that God has done.
Happy Birthday JESUS!!!
God's blessings & love,
Sarah :D

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