Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Word From Big Daddy

Good morning all!
I was just deleting some emails 
when I came across this one.
It's the email Andy sent out Friday night
after learning that China had granted us Pre-Approval 
to adopt our Emily Margaret.
It was too beautiful not to share. :)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Just got home about half an hour ago.  It has been a long day.  It is God's blessing that I have received the kind words and encouragement from each of you.  It is the blessing of moving forward with the knowledge that each of you is steadfastly praying His blessings upon me and my family.

I want to be the first to tell you of the most AWESOME blessing we have received on our Little Man James' birthday.  God has seen through to impress upon the Chinese government that they should endorse and approve our request to bring our "Baby Girl," Emily Margaret home.

The next time you see me or Sarah, ask to see her picture, as we go nowhere without her.  She was born with, Tetralogy of Fallot, a heart condition that has been surgically repaired without complication. She also has a hearing deficit which may be severe or total deafness, we will not know until we get her home and evaluated.  God has rained down his blessings through many tears of joy, as we are beside ourselves in anticipation of bringing our sweet baby home.  Our request was for a child with special needs as we feel that God has put us where we are so that we may bless and be blessed by Ms. Emily Margaret.

Continually lift us up in prayer.

God's Blessings!


Emily Margaret,
Today the boys are out of school due to weather.
We sure do wish you were here.
But until you join us,
I'm praying God will send His angel's to care for you!

Stay warm friends!
God's blessings, Sarah :D


Kala said...

There's just something about the love a father has for his daughter that will bring tears to my eyes every single time.

Wife of the Pres. said...

BTW, our son has TOF as well. Have you joined the ChinaHeart group? Please come on over--a wealth of info and friendships too!

Love the note from her Daddy!

Blessings, Leslie