Friday, December 3, 2010

LOI Completed

Whew, we did it!
Our LOI is completed.
I sent it in to the agency yesterday. :D

I think I struggled most with the care plan.
Hello nursing skills, don't fail me now!
Of course I had several examples to go by.
I assumed I would rewrite what I'd been given.
When I began writing about our marriage, parenting,
network of support and our available resources
well quite frankly, my heart took over.
I drafted what I am certain was the most beautiful,
heart felt letter ever sent to China.
It was the first time in this l-o-n-g process
that I wasn't just talking about a theoretical child,
I was describing OUR CHILD.
Now, let's just pray the translator doesn't charge by the word.
Mama's heart got a little wordy. 

Every step of this process prepares us a little more.
It's tedious work.
But after each stage I find my heart smiling,
feeling certain I am following HIS lead.
And HIS will is so much better than mine.
We can't wait to share our home with one
of God's most precious angels.

Next Step: Await PreApproval letter from China.
The normal time frame is about 2 weeks.
I'm praising God for HIS timing. 

Keep praying!
Mama's got an ornament on the tree
just waiting to add baby girl's picture.
God's blessings on your day friends, Sarah :)

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Wife of the Pres. said...

I have been SO ANXIOUS to see this post! Praising God with you!!!!!! I am so excited!!!

Have a blessed weekend. You have inspired me to continue advocating! I get so weary with it sometimes, but even just one story like yours makes it worth it. I love the video of MB! She is just adorable!