Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Because HE's Cool Like That!

Do you ever just sit back in wonder of all the
amazing things God has done in your life?
As a family we are already so blessed.
But even if we're just looking at our adoption,
HE has taken so little, and done so much.
Today I've trusted God for more than I ever knew was possible.
I boldly approached HIS throne,
offered myself as HIS willing servant
prayed to be equipped
and then began moving forward claiming HIS victory.
And oh what a sweet victory it was.
I have literally watched hard hearts soften.
As if that wasn't enough,
HE sent prayer warriors to encourage me along the way.
Friends who have texted or emailed
just to say they had Emily Margaret on their mind today.
Yeah, I'm certain that SOMEONE has been showing out.
But HE can,
and I love it...
because HE's cool like that!
Yes my friends,
it will take a lifetime for me to sing of all HIS praises.
HE has exceeded my needs.

Now, what's next?
There's a special little one the
Hinson family will be sending in their
Letter of Intent to adopt.
Oh I can't wait to hear back from China!
My little angel is just too precious to continue
to be referred to as "the little girl in the video".
But, we're not quite to the point of calling her Emily Margaret.
Come on God, do your thang.

Thank you for all your prayers.
Please continue to pray that God will
equip those He's called to parent the orphans.
And should you feel led,
please contribute to our adoption fund
via our sidebar widget.

Praise be to God,
for His grace is sufficient
and His mercy is unending!

God's blessings friends, Sarah :)

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