Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mama Is Ready-To-GO!

Good morning all!
I'm here with a quick post before heading out
to teach my Breastfeeding Prenatal Class.
This week the boys returned to school.
I got part of the Christmas decor down.
What can I say, the tree's still up...
slacker alert.

I finally mailed in the accuracy agreement
for our homestudy AND
completed the I800-A form.
I'm lacking one blank spot
before sending that bad boy off.
Question 3, page 7 to be exact.
I'm awaiting a response from Karla
on precisely what to fill in.
Better to get it right the first time. :)

Emily Margaret's room is coming together.
Almost everything is here and
awaiting Mama to do her thang.
It looks like the biggest challenge will be repainting.
All the furniture will get a fresh coat of white.
Then her room will get a custom Mama paint job.
I'm cooking up something SWEET!
I invision scallops, stripes & ladybugs...
in the most non-manic kinda way.

Most importantly my heart is ready.
I'm ready to kick it in to overdrive
doing whatever necessary to bring our angel home.
SO, if you notice my house a mess
and my laundry backed up more than usual
please overlook it.
'Cause Emily Margaret is waiting and
this Mama is ready-to-GO!!!

Here's a pic of the gifts Santa left for her here.

Oh, and one last thing.
For all Emily Margaret's fan club,
concerned about her hair, 
or lack there-off.
Hobby Lobby has the crotched headbands 
in every color, for a mere 99cents!
Not that we have them ALL or anything.
So, I'm unsure of the status of her hair but
I'm certain she'll have the perfect amount to sport a bow.
Whew, drama averted! ;)

God's blessings on your day loved ones
and keep praying for our baby girl! Sarah :)


Lizziola said...

I was wondering about her hair - if you'd be able to tell them to quit shaving it now that she has a forever home. I pray for y'all & this sweet baby everyday. Can't wait for her to get here & play w/ her bffs ARZ & Penguin!!!

Amber @ Striving For 31 said...

The I-800A is a beast. I'm working on it too and it is really confusing. I filled it out with myself as the primary one filing at first and then they told me to change it and put Josh as the main person and myself as the spouse. GRRR... gotta start over!

Kim & Dave said...

I haven't checked your blog in quite a while! So excited you have a referal! She sure is a cutie! I'll be watching your blog a lot closer now!

Chris said...

Love how your have her hair situation all worked out!

I,too, had an array of bows in EVERY color....

I am quite certain that Emily Margaret will have just the right amount of hair for all the 'pretties' that you have for her!

I am praying for your baby girl....