Friday, December 10, 2010

Glory to GOD for a Pre-Approval!

Oh my,
what a day.
Today is James' 8th birthday.
We celebrated with a family/friend party at home.
As we were finishing dinner
(Dominos Pizza & Mama's Sante Fe Soup no less)
I checked my phone.
As I clicked on an email from Amy at our agency,
I couldn't believe my eyes.
So I did what any mature mama would do...
I began reading in a very loud voice.
Because seriously, some news just requires an audience.

Here's what it said.

"We received your Pre-Approval Congrats!!!!!  
This means that China has matched you with your daughter."

What followed was an explanation of how
to send care packages and request updates.
Boompa is all over sending Emily Margaret 
her very own potato chips. :)

So let's recap.
Several weeks ago James asks for a picture 
of Emily Margaret for his birthday.
I kindly explain it wasn't gonna happen,
but allow him to pray about it any way.
I read a blog post.
It talks about the matching process.
Take home message:
adoption is not the same as special 
ordering your new car,
these are children.
The post leads me back to our agency list.
The very list I prayed over intently months ago.
(There were two children on the list 
that God confirmed were NOT Emily Margaret.
I was baffled but stayed faithful to HIS timing.)

I clicked on a file that I knew wasn't my child.
I watched her video...
and I fell in love.
What I saw in that 8 minute 30 second clip
was a baby girl who needed a family.
She wasn't a post-op pt or 
a hearing screen follow up,
she was a baby who needed love.
I must have felt my heart leave for China
because I immediately set sail for DE-NIAL.
Oh I had such great reasons why she wasn't my child
and God had even better reasons of why she was.
But He was so kind and so patient.
Every time I hesitated, 
He sent a burning bush.
When I felt more pain than I thought possible, 
I stood firm in His truth.
Most importantly, He held me tight. 

Last Thursday I completed our Letter Of Intent.
Last Friday our agency sent it to China.
On Monday we got the news that China needed 
letters from our physicians summarizing our 
surgical and medication history.
I stalked physicians, smiled sweetly 
and praised His name.
Within 3 hours the agency had what they needed. :)
Tuesday I was busy at the hospital.
By Wednesday my heart was heavy,
so I emailed Amy.
She hadn't heard anything else from China,
but said we'd either get a request for more info
or our Pre-Approval.
She followed up by saying the normal 
processing time was 2-3 weeks.
What followed next was nothing short of pathetic.
My heart was broken.
What if Baby Girl wasn't Emily Margaret?
Could I move on and find peace?
Yes I would.
I'd seek comfort in knowing 
that His will was being done.
I prayed for God's wisdom.
I wanted Him to provide Baby Girl 
with the perfect family for her...
whoever they were.
But selfishly I prayed that if Baby Girl was Emily Margaret,
He'd would send us Pre-Approval for James' birthday.
I claimed His victory everyday
because I knew with Him anything was possible.
And He did it.
He beat the timeline 
and rewarded the child that 
prayed for his sister.
He soothed my soul
and gave confidence to my steps.
Now I will give Him ALL the Glory,
and praise His name for ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Emily Margaret,
Congratulations on becoming the 
newest member of the Hinson clan. 
We love you so much and 
can't wait to hold you in our arms.
Your gonna LOVE this crazy family!

God's blessings friends, 
Sarah one proud mama :)


Tara Anderson said...

Rejoicing with you!!! So glad I made it back from China just in time to hear your WONDERFUL news!!! It's an incredible feeling when God gives us something much better than we were seeking for ourselves, isn't it?!?!

I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful little one!

Amber said...

Oh Sarah I started crying reading this!!!! I'm so happy for you and your entire family!! Emily Margaret is one lucky little girl!!!! God works in his own time line and this precious baby was def. worth waiting for!! What a great Christian example you have been Sarah you have kept your faith on the Father and you knew he would see you through. God Bless!!

Rachel McPhillips said...

Best. Birthday. Present. Ever. Yay for E.M.

Holli said...

God is so Good! Little ones like James, are so trusting. We need to be more like them. I've been known to dread praying for something because how do I explain it when God doesn't answer. I am so happy for you all!

Kala said...

WOW! When you said she was meant for your family, you weren't kidding. That is nothing short of a miracle from God. Giving me goosebumps all over :) That's a birthday present James will NEVER forget.