Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time there was a mom.
And way across the ocean blue there was a daughter.

The mom knew all about the little girl.
She loved her,
caressed her cheeks in photos
and prayed for her daily.

The daughter lived her life unaware.
She played,
grew bigger and stronger
and soaked up everyday joys.

The time has finally come for one dynamic
mother/daughter duo to come together at last.
The mother worries about silly things like
going days on a plane with NO bath... gasp.
And the daughter,
she continues to on, same as usual.

I can't help but giggle every time I catch
myself panicking about insignificant things.
But the big things?
Nah why worry too long about those,
because they always fall right into place. :)

It's sinking in that God's got these two Hinson girls
right in the palm of His mighty hand.
So really there isn't any reason at all for them to worry
their pretty little heads.
Nope, not even for one minute.
God's providing all the grace they need!

Emily Margaret, mama loves you.
James' is X'ing off days until the final leg
of our journey begins.
Joseph is coming to grips with the fact that his
REAL boss is about to clock in.
Daddy taunts me by saying he's gonna be your favorite.
And then there's a whole slew of family and friends
that are lifting us up in prayer.

Baby girl, we got this.
It's gonna be rocky.
I'm bound to stink...
you're bound to cry.

But the God who authored this story
is about to finish knitting our lives together.
And when we look back years from now
we'll realize we got through the hard part,

God's blessings sweet prayer warriors,
The Hinson (Soon To Be) FIVE :D


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YAY for the Hinson family! Lifting you up in prayer. Safe travels!