Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Day is FINALLY here!!

Rach here again! I am happy to announce that EMH is with her family and doing great!! 

Mom said she is super sweet but the guy that brought her to them said that "She could be a little naughty". I think she'll fit right in! :)
They said she loves to climb and appears to just be extremely interested in everything that is going on. She started the cry when the guy left, but they brought out the goldfish crackers and Twizzlers and she was all good. (She is TOTALLY a Hinson, right?!?) 

She is playing with the boys and is bonding with Sarah already-- sitting in her lap as they play. She loves her hair bows, too! At one point, she had 4 on at once. 

Mom said she does appear to have some hearing loss, but CAN hear. She hasn't spoken yet, but is full of giggles and smiles. 

First jammies! 

James was blowing bubbles at her and she loved it. 

I am hoping to have some more updates and a LOT more pictures soon! 

Thanks again, everyone! I know the Hinson's now feel complete with their family of 5! 


Malorie said...

She is absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy for them! Can't wait to see more pictures and updates! God IS good! :)

Sunny said...

Yay! Thanks for the update, Rachel! =) Emily Margaret is just beautiful and she looks so content with her new famly. Can't wait for the next update.

Leslie Hughes said...

oh i <3 this. That photo of Sarah absent mindely touching little Emily Margaret's hair makes me tear up. <3<3<3

Our Family said...

What a blessing for the Hinson family! She is a beautiful little girl! I am over the moon happy for your family!

Tara Anderson said...

Hooray!!! I'm rejoicing with you!!!