Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Special Needs?!

Hi all!
I wanted to take a moment for a quick update.
Andy and I filled out our Special Needs Conditions checklist last night.
It was actually the 2nd time we filled it out...
I'm still not sure what happen to the first copy?!

So as we were filling it out we had the obvious
conditions we'd prayed and talked about...
Cleft Lip/Palate,
Extra Digits,
Club Foot/Feet,
yep, yep, yep.

What floored us were the conditions
listed that to us were very minor...
Small birthmark,
Mild Burns,
Hip Dysplasia,
Partial Hearing Loss,
all manageable and all yeps.

We progressed on down the list
until we got to this one,
Excessive Moles.
Excessive moles, honestly?!
Andy's reaction was "Shoot I've got that,
mark YES!"

Not exactly the kind of diagnosis
I would expect to classify someone as Special Needs.
Although we all know Andy's special! ;)

Of course there were numerous more serious
conditions on the list that Andy and I had prayed
about that we didn't feel led to check off.
But it made us laugh to think that by these standards
everyone of the Hinsons has a special need.

I would encourage anyone looking into adoption
to check out the special needs conditions.
You'd be surprised how healthy some of these conditions are.

I guess this is all just another verification from
God that we're going in the direction He's leading us.
Thanks again for keeping us and
little Ms. Emily Margaret in your prayers.
God's blessings, Sarah :D


Tara Anderson said...

Further proof that every adoption is a "special needs" adoption! We'd all make the list around here, too! :)

Leslie Hughes said...

Charlie was supprised when we read the profile of a child listed as "Special needs" and his only need was a developmental delay due to living in the orphanage. He was like "Well, that's nothing like what i thought."

Page said...

Wow, what a beautiful journey you are on. And what a heartbreaking moment to have to look at a list and essentially decide what kinds of problems a child might have that you could love. I hope to one day love an orphan as my own as well. Thank you for being an example of trusting that God will carry you through anything this journey might bring you. I have no doubt He will bless you with immeasurably more...