Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hague-Compliant Training

Hi all!
Just as I thought we were finishing up
the last of our education,
I realized I'd forgotten one small thing...
our Hague-compliant training.
Small as in $175.00
and 8 hours of education
for both Andy & myself.
The cool part is that I'm about
half way through and I've really enjoyed it.
I've learned a lot!
Such as,
for every 3.4 months a child spends
in an orphanage, they will fall approximately
1 month behind developmentally.

Note to friends:
If you're ever on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 
and the category is international adoption trivia,
call me, I'll be worth your lifeline! ; >

With all the paperwork and studies
I thought I needed a little reward.
My little reward came in the form
of a very adorable little Korean girl, Tessa.
I spent the morning with a sweet friend
and her 14 month old princess. :)
Which reinforced the message that with
proper love and attention these adopted
children make huge progress once home.
Tessa has blossomed from a solemn baby
to a chubby cheeked, bubbly personality,
head strong toddler.

Emily Margaret, I can't wait for you to meet 
Tessa, she's the very definition of spunky! :)

That's all for tonight,
I'll update you on our progress.
Please keep our adoption and baby girl in your prayers.
God's blessings! Sarah :D

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Hannah said...

Isn't it amazing what we learn on this journey to our babies??

We would love to adopt again and one of the places that has our heart is Korea :)