Friday, January 22, 2010

Final Home Study Meeting

Hi all!
Today was the last meeting of our home study.
We finished up with Jennifer,
our social worker.
She asked more about the boys.
What their personalities are like,
how we discipline them
and most importantly,
how we express our love.

Now that Jennifer is finished with our interview process
she will spend the next couple of weeks typing up the report.
Which is perfect timing since she and her husband
will be traveling to Korea in the next 3-4 weeks...
to adopt their baby boy!
Congrats to her and her sweet family.

After we finished with Jennifer it was time to meet Karla.
She's our go to girl for everything to do with China.
We were able to ask her lots of questions.
The biggest thing on our minds right now,
was what she thought
about the boys traveling to China with us.
She said she thinks our kids are at the perfect ages to travel with us...
Honestly, I don't know how we'll come up with the extra money,
but just knowing that all my babies will be together made my heart jump!
So grandparents, if you're reading this,
I know exactly what the kids want for their birthdays this year. ;D

Last but not least we discussed what our timeline will
probably look like for the remainder of the adoption.
We can expect to start being matched as soon as our
home study report is completed and submitted.
I was trying to be an adult and remain ultra calm,
so I said "We should be matched sometime this summer?"
Karla's reply, "No probably more like April."
Now I can't lie,
my heart literally leapt into my throat at this point.
Apparently I was remaining too calm
because I noticed that Karla was reading my face for emotions.
That's when I busted out,
"Oh we're ready to go this weekend, so April's fabulous!"
Andy chimed in "Glory sister, the sooner the better!"
I could tell that Karla was pleased with our excitement
and I was glad to not have to stifle my enthusiasm anymore!

Once we except our referral we'll have to be cleared through China.
Then we'll make our travel arrangements.
Karla said that usually takes about 6 months all together.
Again, I was needing to plot it out so I asked
"Ok, we'll probably being traveling ...."
Karla interjected, "I think you'll have your Emily Margaret
home with you this time next year!!!"
That's the best thing I've heard all week,

Andy says if she's not here by Christmas he's
going to leave the tree up for her to enjoy once she's home. :)

So, I've got a ton of paperwork to complete,
some money to come up with,
and a baby girl to prepare for.

I keep thinking,
this is r-e-a-l-l-y happening.
Oh God is so good!!!

Thanks for all your comments and prayers,
it means more than you'll ever know!

God's blessings, Sarah :)


Tara Anderson said...

Oh! I hope and pray that Emily Margaret is home this year! April?!?! Oh my gosh...I don't think I could have contained myself hearing that news! I rejoice with you dear friend and look forward to seeing the face of your little girl!!!

Amber said...

Oh Sarah this brought tears to my eyes! I'm so happy for you and your family. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers!

Rachel McPhillips said...

Soo excited!! I can't wait to find out how old she is, so we can start stocking up on hairbows, shoes, and little dresses! You know GiGi is going to be excited!