Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last Home Study Visit

Hi friends and family,
tomorrow's a B-I-G day.
We'll be in Birmingham,
for the last meeting of our home study...

Although I'm very excited
today has been a challenging day.
I've found myself very tearful.

Maybe I didn't sleep well last night
and I'm just tired.
It could be that I forgot to take my hormones.
But it's probably that my heart is full
and breaking for Emily Margaret.

How can I miss someone
I've never even met?

Although we pray for her everyday,
I find that I feel closest to her each time
we reach another adoption milestone.

So little Miss Emily Margaret,
we're getting a little bit closer to you...
wherever you are.

Andy asked me today if I thought Emily Margaret
could be in Haiti.
He said the girls in his office told him
about all the orphaned children from the earthquakes.
The girls asked him to give them a heads up
on any thoughts of us flying out this weekend
to get our baby girl.
They wanted to make sure they had a few days
to gather our needed baby items!

Oh Emily Margaret,
you might be in a cramped and cold orphanage for now.
But when you get home the flood gates
are going to open with love and affection,
from your family and friends.

I'll post tomorrow about our final meeting.
We're supposed to meet with Jennifer,
our social worker for about 30 minutes.
Then Karla the coordinator for adopting from China
will join us for the remainder of the meeting.

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow.

God's blessings! Sarah


Amber said...

Praying for you! Our formal interview is tomorrow too! :) It's a big adoption day, huh? I know everything will go great for you! Love and prayers. :) said...

God Bless you guys!!! I will be thinking about you and adding you to my prayers!

Tara Anderson said...

I miss my Soryn every day. And like you, I pray for her everyday and cherish each milestone as being one step closer. We've had our first two homestudy visits, and all that we are lacking is our individual interviews. I can't wait to get them done and have this part of the process behind us...I'm so ready to be DTC!!!

Kala said...

You will definately be in our prayers today and everyday after that until that sweet baby girl is in your arms. Be strong and keep the faith. We love you guys!

Leslie Hughes said...

I'm so excited and happy for you! Enjoy each milestone. =)