Friday, February 4, 2011

Play date!

Hi Emily Margaret,
we had a play date today with Tessa.
I showed her your picture on my phone.
It took a few minutes for her to understand
but once she did she carried you around
with her the rest of our visit.
She would sit the phone in the floor,
lean over it and talk to you.
Tessa taught you all kinds of stuff today...
although I only understood about half. :)
So today Ms. Lauren, Tessa and I all agreed
it's time for you to come home,
for us to pick up some donut holes
and then for ya'll to play!

Here's a snippet of the conversation:
Me: "That's Emily Margaret, she's in China.
Do you want me to go get her so ya'll can play?"
Tessa smiled really sweet as she lit up.
Then followed up by pointing at Lauren and saying
"That's MY mommy!"
Me: "Yes Tessa, that's your mommy."
Tessa: Pointing at your picture and then at me
"That's YOUR mommy!"

See, I told you it was time to come home.
Tessa's already figured out the roles in
this game and she can't wait to teach them to you!

God's blessings and hugs & kisses baby girl,
Mama :)

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