Sunday, February 13, 2011

Emily Margaret's Birthday Party!

Hi all, as you know Wednesday was
Emily Margaret's 3rd birthday.
We celebrated with a small dinner, Hinson style. :)

We were certain if Emily Margaret were here she'd request
our favorite chinese food for dinner.
So Mama drove to Decatur and made it so. 
Because we all know, 
if I could have busted a trip to China to retrieve our birthday girl, 
I would have!

While out and about I picked up a few pink
things to decorate the table.
I've never thrown a pink party before.
I felt like a kid in a candy store, 
as I walked down the birthday aisle at Target.

Here's this years' birthday table baby girl.
 The crown your sporting was a 27cent clearance
find at Hancock Fabrics.
All it needed was some mama diy skills to
make it the perfect crown for our birthday princess.

 Your baby Emily joined us for the celebration.

 As Daddy was late getting home that night,
we were already bathed and in our jammy tales.
Because Hinsons are all about some comfy jammies!

 Once Daddy finished with patients we snapped 
a picture to send to you in China.
Just look at who jumped in the picture
right as I clicked the camera.
Pepper obviously can't wait to meet you!
Joseph hopes you'll be tiny enough to ride her as a horse.
Don't worry baby girl, 
Mama will keep you safe!

As we divided up the donuts,
Daddy grabbed his dinner.
Poor Daddy. :(

 Your birthday called for a special trip 
to Kay-May donuts.
The most delicious donuts in town.
We handpicked a dozen donuts
in your honor.

Next it was times for presents.
Since you weren't here to direct us,
we just took turns opening them for you.
Don't worry sis, next year they're all yours!
Big Brother Jo-Jo 
modeled this snazzy little number.
It's a 4T so we're thinking it'll be perfect 
for your senior portraits! ;)

Next it was time for the b-i-g gift.
Daddy got you a pink plasma car.
Without prompting your brothers ripped it 
out of the package and assembled the entire thing...
They must really love their baby sis.

 The minute Joseph had it finished,
James took it for a test drive.
They noticed it wasn't up to brotherly standards
so they tightened a few bolts.

Now it sits in the foyer,
just waiting for your debut lap. 
Mama took the bow off the package 
and promptly tied it to your car.
I'm hoping to deter those wild boys from breaking it in.

All that's left is the gift mama's working on for you.
Instead of a baby book,
I'm creating you a life book.
I was never good at baby books anyway 
and this one will be way more fun.
Besides, your life is one so amazing
it's gonna require at least one book to tell your story! :)
Here's a peek at the pages in progress.

Emily Margaret,
Your 3rd birthday began with Nana 
calling to sing you Happy Birthday
and ended with a beautiful cross necklace from Gigi. 
As you can see,
the in-between was filled with lots of fun & prayers.
Now hurry home baby girl,
and we'll start planning your 4th birthday party!

Thank you to everyone who participated in 
our Three Days of Prayer for Emily Margaret. 
God is doing the most amazing things for our lil' angel.
God's blessings,
Sarah :)

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Tara Anderson said...

What a special way to celebrate your girl!!!