Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Good and The Bad

Hi all,
I talked to our adoption agency this morning.
Our I800-A has been sent off. 
That's awesome, right?!
Praise God for our I800-A going out!!!

I haven't heard back from the care package we sent
so Karla is going to check on it for me.
I'm ready to get another package in the mail 
to Emily Margaret for her upcoming birthday.

My next assignment is assembling our dossier.
I'll begin that this afternoon.

Finally the sad part,
I asked when we might expect to travel.
Karla said we still have about 3 months 
of immigration paperwork left.
Then we'll have another 6 months until we're logged in.
Of course these time frames are approximate. 
She said she would tweak our date 
as we check things off the list. 
My heart was in my throat as she talked.
Then she said the unthinkable.
She said to expect to travel in November.
That's when my heart dropped. 
Seriously, November?!!!!!
True to form I swallowed my heart and said 
"Well, that just gives God plenty of room to show out!"

Please pray that our paperwork flies through the proper channels.
There's a baby girl who's world is quiet 
and a mama who's arms are aching to hold her.

I'm still processing all this so I'll update more later. 
God has some truths He's speaking to my needy heart.

God's blessings on your afternoon sweet friends,
Sarah :)


Tara Anderson said...

God's bigger than ALL of me, I know from experience. :) I'm praying for you and that precious girl of yours!!!

Amber @ Striving For 31 said...

Don't give up! They told us 3 weeks ago that our dossier would be filed by August and we could be waiting as much as 18 months before travel from when it was filed.

We mailed off the dossier YESTERDAY - God is not bound by our agencies' time constraints or the governments of this world. He is fighting for our babies! Hang in there! :)