Monday, March 22, 2010

Emily Margaret's Raining Fashion Statement

Hi all!
The weather here today was awful.
It was cold and sleeting,
the very definition of

After running errands I came home
and checked the mail to find this...

we'll call it Emily Margaret's raining fashion statement! ;>

The cool part is how this cute
little number came to be mine.
I was visiting another family's 
adoption blog, when I came across
the coolest fundraiser.
They have a variety of prizes listed
and you bid on them.

I was super excited to win this raincoat.
Because rubber duckies was James' thing.
You see when we found out we were
pregnant with James we went shopping.
We shopped Babies-R-Us,
and a $3 rubber ducky was what Andy
picked out to buy for our new addition.
Of course I made fun of him,
and then it kind of stuck.
James had rubber ducky sleepers,
blankets, toys & even his 1st Birthday Party
was rubber ducky themed.

So it was only fitting that
the baby girl have a rubber ducky raincoat.
Because once she's home,
on days like today,
she's gonna need it! :)

God's blessings,
Sarah :D


Rachel McPhillips said...

Aunt Rach will buy her all the PINK duckies she can find!

Chris said...

I just can't wait until I see her wearing this precious raincoat!!


Amber said...

First of all, that raincoat is ADORABLE.

Second, you are not going to believe what I did. I packaged up your bows, along with a few extras as a surprise and set it out for Josh to take to the mail box. I assumed it had gotten there safely and then I found it under neath a stack of church papers this morning! AHHH! I'm so sorry. Needless to say, it will go to the mailbox TODAY. Please forgive me for being such a ditz. Love always!