Monday, March 8, 2010

The Monchhichi's Making Me Do It

Hi all, happy Monday!
Today one of Andy's well meaning co-workers asked me how the adoption was going.
Poor girl, she had no idea I was near my wit's end UNTIL I replied,
"It's making me wanna stab my eyeballs out!"
Such a horrible thing to say,
yet it's one of my favorite quotes.
The paperwork, paperwork, paperwork,

On a side note the Hinson four spent the day together yesterday.
As part of our outing we made a stop by Target.
Oh how I LOVE Target!
While James & I were browsing through the toy section,
I stumbled upon this...

Do you remember the Monchhichi's as fondly as I do?!
I had the little boy and girl.
They were one of my all time favorite toys!
So, it was only fitting that little Miss Emily Margaret got one too.
I plan to take it to China with us,
because I'm sure she'll love it! ;>

Now when I want to ditch the paperwork and stab my eyeballs out,
I think of little Emily Margaret waiting to play with her new toy and I keep going.
Yep, the Monchhichi's making me do it! :)
God's blessings on your afternoon,
Sarah :D


Chris said...

You are too funny!!!

I have never heard that 'wanna stab my eyeballs out' expression before...
hmmmm....might have to use it sometime!!

Tara Anderson said...

I don't know about you, but once those letters "DTC" find their way into my life, I think I am gonna throw one BIG party...or go out for an expensive dinner. :) Something to celebrate, at least. We're so close it's just teasing me now! Our homestudy report is being written (and should be in my hands next week) and then all I've got to get is my USCIS paperwork. Everything else is DONE and is being certified right now. Personally, I'm ready for it all to be done!!! Hope I don't stab my eyeballs out before I get there. ;)

Amber said...

Heading to Target IMMEDIATELY because I haven't seen one of those in YEARS. :)