Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday's Assignments

Hi all, I hope your weekend is starting off right.
It's beautiful here!
Andy told me yesterday that we Spring forward next weekend, HOORAY!!!
I love the longer days and sunshine!

As you know, we are still in the paper chasing stage of our adoption.
Since we've been trying to get our act  paperwork together,
Andy and I have been spending our Friday's with a to do list.
Yes, we get dressed for the day, take the kids to school and then take off with my binder in tow.
I look like I'm carrying around a filing cabinet with me.
I am! :)

Yesterday's assignment was to get passport pictures done.
We each needed 6 photos.
Shall I translate that for you?
Passport photos are sold in sets of 2 for about $8.
That meant we each needed 3 sets.
And no, they won't give you a discount for multiple sets, believe me I asked.
We started out a Walgreens and they weren't very helpful.
It ended up that their printer was down so we left.
After talking to the agency and finding out that we had to have
the official photos, yep no DIY, we headed to the UPS store.
Thank you to the ladies at the UPS store in Cullman, you were angels!
I needed a scanned copy as well.
They scanned it, emailed it to me and I forward it to our agency from my Blackberry all while we waited on the photos to print.
Now that is service! :)

Andy & I also made the dreaded trip to the Health Department.
We got all of our birth certificates, our divorce certificates and our marriage certificates.
That was 7 total documents for $105.
We laughed that they had to dig through old boxes in the basement to find Andy's birth certificate.
It was entertaining to look at all that ancient history.

We ended our day with a feeling of accomplishment and some good news.
Here's how this matching in March plays out.
Our agency has 11 families to match in March.
The Hinson family is number 11.
So, if we're all looking for the same characteristics then we'll be the last one matched in March OR the first one matched in April.
But, if our family has marked medical needs that no one else has, then we'll be matched first.
Make sense?
Clear as mud??
Yeah, I'm with you.
Basically there is a possibility we'll be matched in March if not it'll be April.

Anyway, I'm off to scan the remainder of our documents and email them to the agency.
But before I go here's a thought that keeps us going.
There is going to come a Friday when our only assignment
is to sit back and hold our baby girl.
Emily Margaret, you're worth every assignment! :)

I'll keep you posted on any and all updates!
God's blessings, Sarah :D


Patricia said...

wohooo!!! i am so excited for you!!!!!

Andy said...

GLORY!!! That sure is a whole lot of running around and a full day. IF I didn't have somebody so cute to do it all with and if Emily Margaret wasn't involved, I might feel like it was HARD WORK!!

Thanks for all you do!
Love you,

Martha said...

Sarah, I'm so EXCITED for all of you!!! I can't wait to see pictures of Miss Emily Margaret with her family. Your embroidery machine will be used a lot and you may even start to smock!! Hmmm..I may have to get out my smocking patterns and get started on some gifts....

Tara Anderson said...

We've had our fair share of those busy "assignment" days and I kinda enjoy them. One step closer, you know. :) It's so exciting that you could be matched within the next couple of months!!!! I'm hoping and praying that THIS will be your month!