Friday, February 12, 2010

The Name Game

Emily Margaret
Such a beautiful name, or at least we think so.
We've received lots of questions about our name choice.
Being the talkers that we are,
we love explaining how we chose our daughters name.
You see when Andy and I married
we chose a boy name and a girl name.
We obviously used our boy name,
so all these years our girl name just lingered in my dreams.
Then when God placed it on our hearts to adopt
we laughed and said it was good that we
had a name picked out,
because really that was the only way
we were qualified for this adventure.
But hey, as long as a girl's got a name
and a family to love her,
what more does she really need?!

Emily to me is just the sweetest girl name.
I always pictured an adorable dark headed
piggy tail girl in a yellow sun dress.
Note to self: sister needs a yellow sun dress!
Margaret is Andy's mom's name.
Years ago when we talked through family
names searching for a middle name,
Margaret was the perfect fit.
Now when I think of an Emily Margaret
I think of a little Catholic school girl. :)

So, Emily Margaret Hinson it would be.
When we told the boys about our adoption
Joseph was very familiar with the name.
James well, not so much.
He said "That's the worst name I've ever heard!"
I immediately told Andy,
We can't give her the worst name ever,
Maybe we should come up with something else?!
His answer,
NO way...
if we adopt a baby girl then her name
is going to be Emily Margaret.
OK, Emily Margaret it is.
And he likes it as a double name
so we'll call her Emily Margaret.

Whew, what a story. :)
Until last week that was the
extent of the name game...
that's when my baby sister asked me
the meaning of her names.
Umh, idk!?!

Without further ado here it is:
Emily is from Latin origin and means rival; laborious; eager.
Margaret from Greek origin and means pearl.

Not only do we feel like Emily Margaret
has been part of our family forever,
because her name has.
But now that I know the meaning
I think it fits even more.
Bringing her home is laborious
and we sure are eager to meet her,
our sweet little pearl.

Isn't God so cool??
Our story,
combined with the meaning of her name
is just another confirmation that Emily Margaret
is meant to be.
She's been our sweet pearl all along!

Thanks for playing the name game with us.
God's blessings on your weekend, Sarah :)


The Sanders said...

I love the name. You know that Margaret is Claire's middle name too! Good choice!

Tara Anderson said...

I love the name, and I love the story behind it! I can't wait for you to bring your precious Emily Margaret home...maybe in a little yellow sundress. :)

Kim & Dave said...

Yeah-& think about the work an oyster goes through to make a pearl. Cool! :)

pink and green mama said...

It's a beautiful name and these things always have a way of working themselves out the way they are meant to...I'm sure Emily Margaret is out there waiting for you.

happy valentine's day.

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