Sunday, February 21, 2010

Clothes, Hair Bows & Shoes, Oh My!

Hi all,
I hope your weekend has been as beautiful as ours.
No doubt about it, 
I could cheerfully keep these sunny 60's until May!

So here's what's on my mind...
This afternoon I was pondering the idea that 
God knows exactly when I need a pick me up
how generous He is to choreograph the perfect one.
This week was one of those times.

It's so easy for me to get bogged down 
by all the paperwork that has come to define 
this phase in our adoption.
I put on my big girl panties and 
jump through the hoops, one at a time.
I try to focus on bringing Emily Margaret home.

Following Karla's phone call 
our week has been filled with prayers,
physicals and another police station visit.

Needless to say I was needing a little pick me up.
That's when He did it,
God prompted my friends to cheer me up,
without even knowing it! 

First Allison called,
she was going through some clothes 
and wondered if I could come by.
Ugh, yes!
I was there within 10 minutes of her call.
Look at all the adorable clothes she loaded me up with. 
Emily Margaret, 
I think your first Summer wardrobe is secured...
or it's at least off to a good start. ;>
Speaking of Emily Margaret,
I got started telling Andy about how cute 
she's going to look in this outfit while we're at the beach.
Well, I just couldn't wait to try it on her.
So, I did the next best thing.
Isn't this outfit adorable?!

I enjoyed digging through the clothes for a couple of days
He did it again.
Jennifer texted saying she was dropping off 
a package for Emily Margaret in my mailbox.
I finished up the paperwork I was 
trying not to drown in and then ran to check it out.
All those outfits that just needed some hair bows and shoes?
Here they were!
It's moments like these that God reminds me
I'm following His path.
It might be long, windy and filled with bumps 
but it's certainly filled with celebrations too. :)
God's blessings on your afternoon, Sarah 


Tara Anderson said...

It looks like you hit the jackpot!!! I know Emily Margaret is going to look adorable in all of her new things! And I know what a priceless gift those "pick me ups" are! Last week I ended up waiting in line for my passport for 45 minutes...but the entire time I was playing with and snuggling a 9 month old Chinese girl whose parents (from Shanghai) were there getting their daughter a passport so they could take her home to China and visit their family. They were the neatest couple, and spending time with that baby girl was exactly what my soul needed!!! Turns out I'm pretty good at snuggling little Chines girls. :)

Tara Anderson said...

Sorry, Eva's sitting on my lap while I type. That last sentence should read that I'm pretty good at snuggling little Chinese girls. I accidentally left off that final "e". :) said...

Yeah for new-to-you clothing. When we were waiting, I wanted to shop, but Hubs asked me not to since we had no clue if we would be matched with a 6 month old or an 18 month old. We did accept all used clothing because we knew we could easily pass it on to another family if it was too small.

The Sanders said...

Those pick-me-ups do mean so much! God knows just 'when' is the right time. We received so many 'little blessings' along the way. I can't tell you how they helped me get through the 'low' times. Hugs!

Chris said...

Yes indeed....
God certainly knows what we need & when we need it!!!!

I just love the teddy bear all dressed up!!! BTW, it is a very cute outfit!!!;)

I will be emailing you very soon, I promise. A bunch of 'stuff' has kept me a tad bit busy...
Can't wait to talk!!!

Patricia said...

Oh wow!!! What blessings!!
I would be looking at them all day, imagining her in them!

I have an award for you over at my blog
Many Blessings