Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year Ya'll

Hey ya'll,
Happy Chinese New Year! :)

Since we'll be introducing
Emily Margaret to our American culture,
we've decided to start incorporating
her Chinese culture as well. 
And why not?
We could always use more holidays to celebrate!
So, to help us learn more about this holiday
we presented the boys with this book,
Happy, Happy Chinese New Year.
Here's what we've learned...
The Chinese New Year celebrates 

the season for planting,
as well as all new beginnings. 
Oooh, I love new beginnings.

Sweep & Dust-
Part of getting ready for the Chinese New Year
is making sure your home is neat and clean 
before the new year arrives.
Sweep out the old and bring in the New Year!
How awesome is that, a holiday that recognizes cleaning?! 
Make A Fresh Start-
Wash your hair,
get a new haircut.
Buy some new clothes.
Pay the debts that you owe and collect what is owed to you.
Whew, good thing I got my hair done this week!
Now on to those debts... ;>
The festivities include a feast.
The foods served have special meaning and are 
symbols of what is wished for in the year to come.
Andy grilled out steak and I made a salad.
Beef stands for strengthening powers.
Lettuce signifies wealth and riches.
Pop! Pop! Pop! -
The firecrackers are lit in front of each house,
and the loud noises scare away the evil spirits.
The boys are gonna LOVE this!
Sweet Gifts -
New Year's Day is the time to share special gifts
while visiting family and friends.
Today we visited with all the grandparents
and gave them their Valentine's. 

Wow, we learned so much.
What a great new holiday tradition!

God's blessings on your Chinese New Year,
Sarah :)

2 comments: said...

sarah you are the BEST! emily is going to so blessed to call you MOM!

Tara Anderson said...

We've celebrated the Chinese New Year for two years now, and have enjoyed it so much! The kids love learning about China, and it's such a neat way to prepare their hearts for a new sister! Hopefully next year you'll have an extra little one celebrating with you!!! :)