Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For The Record

For the record,
the Hinsons are adopting.
Her name will be Emily Margaret,
and yes we will call her Emily Margaret.

She is coming from China.
Wanna know how we're being matched?
The Medical Special Needs List.
Yes, that's right Emily Margaret will have a medical need.
They'll be following her at the International Adoption Clinic in Birmingham.
But for the record,
both of her parents are medically trained professionals.

For the record,
we will be incurring a considerable amount of financial debt.
We hope to continue to receive love offerings,
but we'll be following through with this adoption even without them.

For the record,
in the fall we'll have a high schooler and an elementary schooler.
We realize that we'll be old when Emily Margaret graduates college,
heck we'll be old when she graduates the 6th grade.
With or without her, we're going to get old.

For the record,
God has armed us with some great support.
We'd love it if everyone we know and love 
fell into that support system.
But for the record,
and regardless of the popular vote,
we're in this because this is where we've been called
The God of our lives and King of our hearts
has put His plan into motion.
He has made His calling clear to us,
yes, each and every member of the Hinson clan.
And for the record I will add 
that the God that calls you to it,
will walk (and sometimes even carry) you through it.

For the record,
this is not my usual posting style.
I've written this post twice,
I deleted the first copy in hopes that this really didn't need to be said.
But for the record,
it did

Thank you to everyone who has 
showered us with love and support 
You have been an absolute blessing.
We cannot wait to bring home 
our sweet angel and share her smile with you!
God's blessings on your afternoon, Sarah :)

10 comments: said...

God Bless you Sarah!

Rachel McPhillips said...

For the record, The McPhilly's are on board!! :)

Valerie and Jeff said...

I find it amazingly odd how many people I've talked to have not gotten the expected support from family members on their decision to adopt. It just blows me away in disappointment. I am praying that you have close family that is behind you ... but I am so thankful for your resolve to follow through with God's Call on your hearts regardless of the mountains that seem to be in the way or people's reactions ... or financial scariness. And that you know God will carry you through the hard parts. You are a light to so many who struggle with these thoughts! Blessings to you for following God's Call.

Kim & Dave said...

For the record-love this post!!!

Tara Anderson said...

Love it. :)

Amber said...

For the record, the world is already anticipating seeing sweet Emily Margaret! :) Your "online family" is cheering you on!! :)

The Sanders said...

For the record, we love you all!

Allison said...

For the record, We are onboard and I am already stashing Emily Margaret clothes, car seats, cleaning her changing table, and blog stalking about her adoption journey. I can't wait for this angel and she sure is lucky to have such a wonderful family to come to. For the record, Tori wants to know why we can't get a china doll. I love you EM and you are so very blessed already.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

How AWESOME, my hubby and I have always dreamed about adopting from China... If it is the Lord's will then we too will look into it...

Chris said...

Amen, sister!!!!

I love this post!!!

You are a woman of faith and you will be blessed!!!

I would love to chat with you sometime and give you some of our details of how we with faith in God were able to finance our adoption of Avery.

When you have time email me. :)