Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hi all, happy Thursday!
I just wanted to let you know we're still on for the home study visit tomorrow.
And-I'm-s-o- ready-for-this-process-to-finally-begin!
Hooray, hooray! :)

I'm glad that today I'm finishing up the house.
It's not perfect.
But with the help of the Hinson boys it's right on schedule.
As I've dusted and mopped my mind has wondered things like...
1. Will our social worker look in our closets?
2. What should I wear?
3. Could I offer her breakfast?

I'm not sure if our social worker will be like Nanny 911
more like a Mary Poppins.

By this time tomorrow I'll be able to tell you for sure. :)

Thank you God for the peace and joy over this process that you are providing. Please continue to rain down your blessings on the Hinson four, who long to be five.

God's blessings on your day, Sarah :D


Tara Anderson said...

Just remember that your house is supposed to look like it normally does...don't worry about spotless closets! :) Glad things are moving along for you. We're hoping to have our homestudy done within the next couple of weeks!

Rachel McPhillips said...

Question... why do you think your social worker is a nanny of some kind? *Imagine Addison singing..."A Spoonful of Sugkar makes the may-may go dooowwwnnn!" :) Good Luck!

The Sanders said...

No looking in closets ... :)))
No breakfast.... I don't think that she even had a beverage!
Just be casual!
You'll do great!!!

Chris said...

I just love your blog!!! I love your faith and hope....God will provide all you need for this adoption...your little girl, who He knows and loves, will be with you in His perfect timing!!!

I hope your visit with your social worker went well...can't wait to hear all about it.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!!!!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh... please tell me what it is like! We will be assigned our official case worker on Tuesday and I'm so nervous to get started with the home study. I can't wait to know if she checked your closet, cupboards, etc. I keep thinking that I'm going to just get 30 gallon trashbags and fill them up with the junk in my closets before the home study day!! lol :)

The Sanders said...

how did it go??

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