Monday, November 16, 2009

Smile for Emily Margaret :)

Hi all!
This weekend we had our family Christmas card / adoption pictures made.
(Click here to check them out)
It just so happens that my little sister is an amazing photographer.
So what started out stressful, ended with laughter and smiles.
And the one thing that kept us focused??
That we were smiling for our Emily Margaret!
God's blessings on your day, Sarah :D


Kim & Dave said...

Check that box off! Cute pics!

I just have to say, it's a good think we aren't in process right now for any more adoptions, because our two toddlers NEVER look at the camera & smile at the same time! Ha!

Michele said...

Hi!! I found a link to your site on Tara's page! I am so excited to follow your journey! We recently embarked on the adoption journey ourselves. I prayed for Jesus to help me find other adoptive families near the same stage as us! And look! He answered!

I want to share something with you - for two years I have prayed for my daughter. My husband was 100% against adopting. Well, one day in June, he came to me. He said he felt the Lord telling him adopting was His will for us. He was worried about the financing, because we had $0 for this. Each step we took, I feared we wouldn't be able to pay for it. BUT!! We took a leap of faith, just like what you are doing. Well, guess what? One month later, we had received $10,000 in absolute found money. Ten grand. How is that for a miracle?

I believe with all of my heart that when Jesus gives you a vision, he will give you the provision. You will have the money. A little soul is at stake. He isn't going to let miss her opportunity!

Good luck! I look forward to following along on your journey!

The Sanders said...

loved the pictures!