Wednesday, November 4, 2009

God Is In This

For those of you wondering if us adopting is really a good idea,
I have to say...
God Is In This.
Yesterday afternoon I emailed our social worker.
I was talking to her about rescheduling our first home study visit.
Remember my Halloween trick??
Well I'm here to tell you that being on crutches at my age is not easy.
As in, forget doing extra stuff, I can't even keep up with my normal activities.
Add that to the fact that I'm still unsure of our financial backing for this adoption,
and you have yourself a fine reason for me to feel the need to reschedule our home study visit.

So, after talking to the social worker (who by the way was a complete angel) I jumped in the car to pick up the boys from school.
I backed out of the driveway and saw Kay sitting in her truck.
Once I realized who it was I ran, ok hobbled, over to her to see what was going on.
Go ahead and grab a kleenex...
She got out of her car and handed me a $500.00 check to put towards our adoption.
Speechless, I have been absolutely speechless!
How do you ever begin to pen the proper thank you for such a beautiful gift?
I just can't even wrap my head around it.
And that is when it occurred to me...
God Is In This.
I'd say He's more like all up in it! ;>
Now Andy and I have the finances to start our finger print and criminal background process.
And yes, we will consider our trip to the jail as our Friday date!
So here's the rundown on donations so far:
$20 via the Chip In here on the blog,
$120 from the sales of Andy's Glory Cakes,
$500 from Father Bob and Kay.

Now, here's my question for you...
What type of account should I open to put this money in??
Should I donate it to the Chip In on my blog or do I open a checking/savings account marked for Emily Margaret's adoption?
Right now it's in a basket on my dresser along with all the loose change James' has found and donated.
How sweet is that??
My boys always think of the adoption of their baby sister anytime they see loose change!

Thanks for all the feedback I can't wait to hear your thoughts.
God's blessings on your afternoon! Sarah :D


Tara Anderson said...

Oh Sarah! I had missed the story of your Halloween "trick" and I am SO sorry that happened to you...bummer!

On a different note, I have tears in my eyes at God's GOODNESS as HE provides financially to make this adoption happen. He is in it, indeed!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Hi Sarah, I found you via Tara's blog and I am always so blessed to read about other's journey in adoption. No, our family is not on that road ... yet. BUT I continue to pray. I read your post on LWB and your heart for CL/CP babies. Please visit our blog at and search in the posts in June under "Lei and The Red Dress" for the most beautiful little girl that has the most beautiful smile with a little help also from LWB. I really need to write up that post of how I got to sponsor her CL surgery. As you posted today ... God Was In It. I pray that her forever family will bring her up to know her Heavenly Father! Maybe she is Emily Margaret? Anyway, I was drawn to her while participating in the Born in My Heart Art Auction that is in April every year. If you are not familiar with that you will be so moved by it! It is so cool to know that you are making something or buying something that will help to heal a child's heart and bring them to their forever family! Anyway, nice to meet ya. Stop by and leave a comment if you'd like.
So excited for your journey.