Friday, November 13, 2009

According to Andy

Hi all!
This week has been a productive and busy one.
Cleaning, running kids, working, you know the kind of week.
That would explain why last night as we finally collapsed on the couch,
I was too tired to process this story...

First off let me say that Andy and I love to talk about our day.
We learn so much from the people God brings in contact with us.

As Andy was telling me about one of his patients and her daughter,
he made mention that this adult daughter was adopted.
He said that in general conversation the patient asked him if he had any children.
He replied yes, I have two boys.
She said no daughters?
He answered, well yes and no.
Yes, I do have a daughter... somewhere.
You see my wife and I are in the process of adopting a daughter from China.
No, she doesn't live with us yet.
But we know that we have a daughter.

As I type this with tears running down my face all I can think of is all the people who ask me what Andy thinks about us adopting.
I'd say he's on board. :)
You see, God has prepared a path for us and this child.
She is ours, she's being born from our hearts.
And one day our paths will merge and she will live in our house as well!

Thank you Lord for the perfect plans you have for me and the mate you sent to accompany me.

God's blessings, Sarah :D


Tara Anderson said...

I LOVE to hear Andrew talk about our adoption with other people. For me it's this all-consuming emotional thing, but he always seems to take it in stride. Then, he starts talking about it with someone and I realize it consumes his emotions as well. :)

Kim & Dave said...

Amen!!! Having my hubby COMPLETELY on board made all the difference!