Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good morning...

             good morning...

                      good morning!
What's that?
An echo??
Oh yeah, silly mama hasn't updated the blog.

SO, I'll be Lucy and you be Ricky.
And I'll (attempt) to 'xplain it to you:
The Hinsons, while MIA,
have been working out all the last details
in preparation for travel approval.
Visas, check
Loan, check
Bedroom pink, check
EMH's monogrammed Vera bags, check
Hand me downs sorted, check
New clothes purchased, check
Panties/Pullups, check
I800, check/uncheck/in progress.

As you can see,
here lately I could update you multiple times a day.
I feel like the volleys that use to stay in the air forever,
now require me to play close to the net.
And on top of the constant back/forth
my emotions have gotten stronger.
The highs are high,
but the lows hurt like heck.

To keep you from volume overload
I'm working on a series of posts.
I wanna show you Emily Margaret's room
and tell you all the juicy details of my recent mommy meltdown.

In summary,
we're still here.
God's still doing His thang.
And we are still in need of your prayers.
I'll be back soon
but until then keep thanking God for His provisions!

God's blessings on your day, Sarah :)


Chris said...

I've been wondering about you guys....

Can't wait to get all the deets! :)

Praying for you Sarah!

Sunny said...

Can't wait to see her pink room!

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