Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome to Emily Margaret Land

Good morning all!
I'm here with a quick tour of 
the only pink room in our house.
We'll call it Emily Margaret Land. :)

If you remember,
this room used to belong to James.
In the ultimate big brother sacrifice,
he & Joseph gave up their solo rooms.
Last year we combined them into Joseph's room.
In return they gained the man room as their den
and MOST importantly, a SISTER. 

Here's how it came together.
Shortly before school started back,
we were blessed with a wonderful contractor.
In three days he replaced Emily Margaret's ceiling
and repainted everything in her room.
*For those in our Sunday School class
this is the perfect example of how God
takes something bad {April's tornado} 
& uses it for good {Emily Margaret's room makeover!}*

Here's the Hinson clan basking in our new found P-I-N-K.

Ok, so maybe Mama was really the one glowing.
It's funny to me that James didn't mind
Emily Margaret inheriting his room,
he just wanted her to keep it blue.
Poor guy's lived in a boy world for so long
he just can't understand the whole girly concept.

Now I welcome you to 
Emily Margaret Land...
Upon entering you'll be graced 
by her over-the-top,
mama made chandelier.
I seriously LOVE it!

One perk of this being a 2 year pregnancy,
is that I've had plenty of time 
to collect fabulous ideas & thrifty treasures.

If you look to the left you'll see her closet
and all her awaiting hair bows.

Once inside Emily Margaret Land
you'll probably want to sit and stay awhile.
I foresee lots of time being spent 
rocking, reading & cuddling
with our princess in this cozy corner.

Speaking of the princess,
here's {a work in progress}
where she'll rest her sleepy head
pile all her stuffed animals.
You know, which ever she prefers. :)

And when she wants 
to rock her own babies,
this is her Emily Margaret sized rocker.
{This rocker was mine as a child.}
Last spring it got a total-girly makeover.

The dresser is another piece that 
benefited from a girly touch.
This was James' nursery dresser/changing table.
Remember forever ago when I posted 

This lamp is awaiting it's frills as well.
It'll have black & white polka dot trim 
added to the top & bottom of the shade.
You know, so it matches the chandelier shades.

As you can tell, 
it's a work in progress.
I'm getting there, 
just at a slow pace.
The best news is that this room 
has finally transformed from the blue room with the door closed,
to a pink wonderland that smiles as I walk by. 

Oh, but before we go, one last pic.
WHEN the TA arrives, we have these bags
ready to be stuffed full of Emily Margaret's goodies.
Wonder how I'll ever fit all her hairbows in one bag?!

Today when you pray for us,
please thank God for homeland security issuing 
a fast & seamless I800 approval. 
After a long 2 week delay,
I'm ready to sing some praises!

Now I'm off to tackle the day.
I hope you enjoyed your tour 
and by all means, 
let me know what you think.

God's blessings sweet friends, Sarah :)

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Tara Anderson said...

It's adorable!!! Can't wait until she's in there! :)