Monday, July 25, 2011

Praising GOD for an update, a letter & a smile!

Hi all,
I'm here with a quick update.
We received our Letter Of Approval today!
Isn't God just absolutely amazing?!!

I can't even put into words the emotions I feel.
It's sinking in slow, but it's sinking in deep.
And for all of this, I give Him thanks & praise!

Dear Emily Margaret.
Welcome to the family. No you're not actually home. But today does mark the day that this house was granted permission to be your home. HOORAY!!! As we eagerly await your arrival, I want to leave you with a few thoughts.
First and foremost we love you and we can't wait to learn all about you. We don't care if you have purple polka dots and a peg leg, you're a Hinson now (God bless your sweet soul).
In our family it's important to know, we'll push you to be your very best. Just remember, we'll always love you, even especially at your worst.
As your mama, I'm gonna do my best to teach you everything you need to know. But be prepared, because I will mess up. Just know that I'll go down trying & praying.
Probably most importantly will be the time I've spent in prayer over you. I've prayed for everything from a sprig of hair long enough for a hair bow, down to your sweet knees staying safe from falls until you know the love of a Mommy & Daddy who kiss boo-boos and make them all better. Prayers for your heart. That it will stay strong from surgery, but also that it would be filled with the Holy Spirit. I've prayed for your sweet little ears (the ones that look just like your brother Joseph's). I'd love for those ears to be able to hear my whisperings of "I love you" into them. Even if you never hear my voice, I pray that you'll always hear the voice of our Father.
Emily Margaret, I don't know what I did to deserve the honor of traveling across the ocean to bring your angelic face into my life. Please know, I will always thank & praise God for you, our Baby Girl Hinson!

Oh, and just so you know, God heard my prayers for hair.
How do I know??
Because he had Mrs.Vicki send me this

"Hello, my name is gorgeous and yes, you can just refer to me as that!" ;)
Thank you Mrs.Vicki!!!

I'll keep you posted of any news.
We've got more paperwork to do before traveling...
in 2-3 months!!!
God's blessings friends, Sarah :)
aka The Proudest Mama on the Block!


Rebecca Laney said...

Congratulations to you, Hinson family! EMH is one very lucky girl. I patiently, yet anxiously, await the day I get to meet her. I think EMH, Taylor, Avery, Addison, and Claire are going to be great friends! I can picture the tea parties and giggles now! Oh what joy!

Melinda said...

Congratulations for this long awaited and joyous news!(Much prayed for too!) I am thrilled and thank God for this day. Little EM has such a special family waiting to meet her! Keep the Faith and love to you all!

The Sanders said...

Oh my goodness! She is beautiful! I can't wait to see her in your arms. What a complete little doll! God's gift!

Tara Anderson said...

Hooray for LOA!!! Your girl will be home before you know it...even if it feels like it's taking forever! :)

Chris said...


She is adorable, truly! :)

Sunny said...

Precious! I'm so excited for you!

Emily DeWitt said...

From one Emily Margaret to another, God Bless - the world is waiting for you! <3