Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I800A Approval Notice!!!

Hi all,
it's Emily Margaret's mama.

I'm sitting in the floor amongst a sea of papers.
Why you ask??
Because I'm assembling our dossier,

what was suppose to be my day to wrap up our taxes
turned into an Emily Margaret day. 
Hooray for Emily Margaret days!!!

And the coolest part?
We needed $1,254 to send in for dossier fees.
When I checked our adoption account balance 
we had exactly $1,141.46.
If you heard a SqUeAL, it was ME!
GOD provided us with what we need for fees.
Now all we have to worry about 
is our third agency payment,
then this dossier is off to China.
I'm praising GOD for all HE has and will
continue to do to bring Emily Margaret home!!!

Keep praying for our girl, friends. 
I'm determined to hold my baby
sooner rather than later!

GOD's blessings,
Sarah :)


Amber @ Striving For 31 said...

YIPPEE!! So excited for you! We are still waiting for our fingerprinting appointment. It's been almost 2 weeks since we got our notice that they were "processing" our application and sending it to the Hague department. It's making me nervous!

Kim & Dave said...

Super exciting!! :)