Saturday, January 22, 2011

Documents and Letters

Good morning all!
I didn't realize it'd been so long since I updated.
You see,
every day Emily Margaret's woven
tighter into our family tapestry.
I try to balance adoption paperwork
with girly-girl fun...
oh and keeping everything else afloat.

The official report:
We're at the halfway point on our agency fees.
It's never felt so good to drop a check in the mail.
Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.
It's amazing to me how God has provided
exactly what we needed, every-step-of-the-way!

Yesterday James and I mailed off our I800-A.
First off, I had no idea how simple I was
until I attempted to tackle that document.
Even with cheat sheet in hand,
there were multiple times I felt my eyes crossing.
Finally with signatures and check stuffed tight,
we made our way to the post office.
We prayed over that document
and asked for it to be sent on the wings of angels...
because we have an angel ready to sprout her wings!

Now the fun:
With all that drudgery going on,
you can see why mama needs
a constant project to work out all that blah.
Hence the letters I made the kids
to celebrate who'll be residing in our bedrooms.

A manly style for the boys

and an over the top girly style for Emily Margaret.

That pink E is enough to make me smile
as I walk down the hallway. :D
I won't start painting her room until 
the official wait begins.
It'll be a homecoming project/therapy 
session of sorts. :)

SO, please pray for Emily Margaret.
That her belly will be full,
her bottom will stay dry
and that God will provide her with arms
to care for her, until He brings her home to ours.

With God's grace we're gonna see this baby girl home...
HOLLA!!! ;)
God's blessings dear friends, Sarah

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