Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful For God's Grace

Good morning all!
It's me, the mama in continuous pursuit of her baby girl.
It looks like we might really be
almost through with our homestudy.
As you know we finished the visits months ago,
but it took forever to finish all the paperwork.
Our latest snag has been
updating our financial section.
Not because there's so much to write. 
Just trying to document all Andy's job changes.
Advice to others: 
Unless you're asking to take the slow route to China
never, ever change jobs mid-homestudy. 

The past couple of weeks has been wild
trying to tie up the loose ends.
Then yesterday, our file finally made it
to the Senor Social Worker at our agency.
It's my understanding that she picks everything apart
and then puts it back together again.
She was thorough AND exact.
But the best part?
She was patient AND kind.
Exactly what this gal needed!
If you listened in on our conversations you'd hear me saying
"... does all that make sense?
... Yes mam, if you'll just tell me what it needs to say
I'll make those changes and email it right back to you."
Really, I'm not internationally wise,
but I am willing to follow someone to is.

Today Ms. Lea Anne will be in the office for a few hours,
before she leaves for a week long vacation.
She's hoping to have us all wrapped up before she goes.
Me too! 

Now on to the good part.
I need to share my perspective on what will
certainly go down as the longest adoption process ever.
Ok, maybe not. But it sure does feel like it. 

For the majority of the past year,
I have been trying to do things myself.
Granted, I got the word from God to adopt.
We prayed about it.
We were led, and we started the process.
But somewhere between the calling and 
the foot work, I was missing it.
Here's an example of my daily thought process... 
The agency emailed, they didn't recieve our "___".
If I don't get "____" done today,
there's no way they'll finish our homestudy this month.
Then when the next list comes out we won't be matched.
If we're not matched soon then there's no way we'll travel by "____".
Yes my friends, that was this mama's thought train
every time the agency needed something.
Hello koo-koo bird.

Until a quote from Beth Moore's
Esther Bible Study played out in my mind.
"If ______, then ____."
Her study taught me that even if everything comes apart,
then there's still God.
It doesn't mean we won't fall to pieces,
kicking and screaming in the floor.
It just means that when we get back up,
we'll seek the Father.
His grace will always guide us through those hard times.
So here it is.
The statement that changed how 
my heart handles this bumpy road.
If we never adopt, then we'll still praise God 
for His unfailing wisdom.
Finding comfort in His mercy and grace.

As you make final Thanksgiving preparations today
I pray that you're hands & feet will work busily for God,
as your heart allows Him to fill in the details.
God's blessings friends, Sarah :)

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