Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Orphan That's Real

An orphan is not real,
until you let them in your heart.
And then they become so vivid
that you awaken during a rain storm,
wondering if they're ok.

It's been pretty crazy here the last 24hrs.
The kinda peaceful, quiet crazy
where everything just falls into place.

You read a blog post.
God speaks to your heart.
You check the waiting child list
and a child that has been there for months,
catches your attention.
Her eyes pierce your heart
and you can't turn away.
You watch her video,
you review her file
all the while thinking,
I can parent that child.
She needs a family and a home.
She needs the love of a mother
and the one on one time of being worked with.
That little girl needs brothers who love to play ball.
She needs a father to teach her
how to slide without falling.
And hair bows, she needs a hair bow.

There comes a point in all this where
you began to feel like a deer in the headlights.
You keep thinking, is this really "it"?!
In your heart you know,
but in your head you approach cautiously.

You tell your friend you'd love to see
a burning bush right about now,
and God speaks through her saying
"No, that would be too easy.
And this isn't suppose to be easy.
It's a faith journey."
The minute the words leave her mouth
you know Who authored them.

The boys watch the video,
James is bothered by the children's cries.
You resume the video later with Joseph.
The boys love her plumber's crack
and how she runs in tiny little steps.
And several minutes into it they ask
(just like they always do)
"Can we have HER?!"
When you reply that she doesn't
have a family yet,
Joseph becomes your burning bush...
"YES, we can have HER?! 
Well then what are we waiting for?!!!!!"
So you send the email and receive confirmation,
she is on hold for your family.
James spends the rest of the night
practicing his ball playing skills
and shopping for her Christmas presents
in the toy catalogs.
He thinks he can get a deal on
one of those Pottery Barn pink & green
polka dotted rolling suitcases,
the small one of course...
she'll need it for the beach he explains.

Every time you wake up during the night
you hear this song playing in your mind.
"I wanna love because you love,
I wanna give because you gave,
I wanna reach my hand to the lost,
Because I know your love can save."

And you know.

Today I'm praying for God to rain down
his provisions for our family
and for a certain little girl.
Because I know His love can save.

God's blessings friends, Sarah :)


Martha said...

Praying God's will be done. A special little girl for a special family.

The Sanders said...

My heart is smiling with such happiness! I hope that you will tell me more when the time is right! We will pray hard!!!!!
Love ya!

Sunny said...

WHAT?!?! You think you may have found Emily Margaret??? I'm in contact with two families who adopted hearing impaired children from China and they are such blessings to their families. One family was in our GWCA travel group. Would you like their blog addresses? sunnyinchina@charter.net

Wife of the Pres. said...

Sarah, If your agency is LifeLine, I think I know the little girl, MB.

Only God!

I have been praying specifically for her, for her family to find her.

Then I write the post or rather post it after sitting on it for quite awhile, you red it, check back at the agency list.

Praise God! Please know I'll continue praying. You have made my month by sharing this news over at NHBO. Truly blessed my heart.

Amber said...

Yay! I'm praying for God to provide for you guys and I know He will! :)