Saturday, November 6, 2010

Still Going

Good morning all!
I'm here with an update.
After more paperwork was sent in
and files updated, we're still going.
We're  r-e-a-l-l-y close to
finalizing our home-study.
I should know more on Monday. :)

Now a quick letter to Emily Margaret...
Sis, the Bearcats made it to the playoffs!
That's big stuff in boy world.
We checked your brothers out early
yesterday to have some family fun.
Big Daddy treated us to a
delicious lunch at P.F.Chang's,
We made a stop at Dick's Sporting Goods.
Don't panic, they have super cute girl stuff too.
Then we headed to the stadium for the game.
It's was seriously cold.
But the Bearcats pulled through and we won.
All this to say,
I missed you yesterday.
I know it's crazy to miss someone I've never met.
Maybe a mama's heart is another one 
of God's amazing creations??
Anyway, we LOVE you sis
and can't wait to bring you home.
You're gonna love being a Hinson! :)

Friends, I'll keep ya posted on our progress.
Thanks for your prayers.
God's blessings & Love, Sarah :)


Tara Anderson said...

Such a sweet and wonderful life is waiting for your Emily Margaret! I can't wait for the day when she officially becomes a Hinson...but at the same time I think it is SO cool that God already has a little girl in China all picked out, and regardless of what the orphanage may have named her HE knows that she's Emily Margaret Hinson!

Leslie Hughes said...

I alboslutely know how it is to miss a child you've never aknowledge the absence of all that potential. its heartache.
The wonder that is God's Timing and the beauty that is God's Plan will pull it all together. Just wait. =)