Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pushing Through the Paper Work

Good morning all!
Thanks again to all who supported us
during our garage sale fundraiser!
I'm gearing up for another one the first of October.
You know the routine...
drop off anything you wish to rid yourself of.
If we're not home just leave it on the porch.
I'll clean it up and sell it at the fundraiser.
Anything left over will be donated.
That's right,
I promise not to call you to pick up the leftovers. :)

Now can I tell you a little secret??
I've figured out why I enjoyed that garage sale so much.
I was actually doing something,
working hard to bring Emily Margaret home.
Not that paper work isn't work.
It's that I'd trade the hot sun and sweat
over paperwork any day!

Yesterday I devoted several hours to that work.
When I pulled out the mess I immediately got chills,
felt my heart sink and tears fill my eyes.
I honestly thought I couldn't push through.
I prayed, grumbled and gave myself pep talks.
I likened it to being in the delivery room
after hours of pushing and telling the nurse
that you just can't do it anymore.
And that was when God said,
"Just like in the delivery room when not pushing
isn't an option,
you not pushing through this paperwork
isn't an option."
So what's a mom to do?
I decided to bear down and P-U-S-H.
What can I say?
Once a nursery nurse always a nursery nurse. :)

I'm not here to announce I've delivered that paperwork.
To the post office that is.
I'm still pushing.
Pushing hard in slow, steady, concentrated efforts.
Because my labor is not in vain.
There's an Emily Margaret waiting to meet this world.
Our world, her world.

I leave you with a wonderful and timely quote.
It's from Beth Moore during her Esther Bible Study.
"There are times when God works through miracles. Then there are times when He works through the natural person. When HE enables us to do something we know we can not do. Maybe there is no greater miracle than that!"

Keep praying friends
and we'll continue to push through
to complete God's good work.
God's blessings loved ones, Sarah :)


Tara Anderson said...

The paperwork is overwhelming, but so is the feeling you get when you see your little one's picture! Keep on pushing...the reward is worth it!!!

Chris said...

I am praying for you, Sarah!!!
I am currently studying the Esther Bible study by Beth is amazing! And God is working...just you wait and see!!! :)

The Sanders said...

Sarah, I pray that God will hold your hand through all of this! You can do it!!! Oh,the 4 year pregnancy and 'pushing' is really the ultimate challenge! HUGS!